Those of you that have been around for a minute have probably already figured out what’s happening here. Yep, you got it, I’ve been hit with the pneumonia again.

I’ve almost literally been asleep, every hour since Thursday afternoon, only getting up to eat, use the bathroom and suck down antibiotics. I remember going to sleep at around 2pm on Thursday, and the next thing I know it was Friday night.

My ribs hurt so bad from coughing I can barely move, but I figured in one of my more lucid moments I should let you guys know what was up. On the plus side I’ve lost about five pounds, yay! Must be the canned peaches and water diet I’ve been on for the last week, you guys have got to try it!

Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal, or what passes for normal with me, in the coming week.

Until such time…

NYX Spring 2015. Plus Review. Picture Heavy. Loooooonngg!

I’m a little late with the spring line, but I swear that every year NYX tries their damndest to make me go broke. I’ve also never seen a more prolific makeup brand. They debut twice as much as every other brand each spring. This year is no different, not only have they added new products, but they’ve expanded on some old favourites and added new colours other.  Of course you know I had to get some stuff even though, god knows, I really don’t need a another thing in my life. But hey, we already know my self control is shaky at best, and non existent at worst. So without further ado…
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The Vault: E.L.F. Moisturising Foundation Stick.



Remember when I had done that elf haul, like almost three months ago? Yeah, I barely remember myself. But I’m working my way through everything. At this rate I should be done by this time next year, whoo hoo!

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First Impressions: Charlotte Tilbury



Yes my friends, the pretty got me. After months of swearing up and down that I wasn’t going to get anything from the line, I crashed and burned right along with my resolve. The thing that got me? A teeny tiny orange colour stick. Sucker for anything orange ya know. Also, the packaging, the outer packing that is, love the frikkin colour of these boxes and the really sturdy lux construction. I just wish all the containers came in the same colours, the compacts do, but the bottles kind of look cheap and plasticky, I’d expect more from a luxury brand.

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ABH Liquid Lipsticks. Like or Nah?



Liquid lipsticks are all the rage now, just remember that NYX did it first, and did it fabulously way before any of these high end brands got in the game. The only reason that I went ahead and got two of these was because I got the email for them about a week before they launched and three of them caught my eye straight away. I only got two of them because I had just placed an order for seven from LA Splash (which I never got, they took my money and I got nothing. Thank god for PayPal.) and I would have been duping colours pointlessly. Also, the ABH liquid lipsticks are twenty each, not terribly expensive, but still.

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In The Pursuit Of Vanity…It’s A Giveaway!



A few months back one of my lovely lurkers (can’t remember which one, it’s been months people c’mon) asked me had I tried Vain Pursuits as yet, cause she wanted to know what I thought of them. Well lurker, today is your lucky day because yes I finally tried Vain Pursuits.

I’d been hearing about this new Quebecois skincare company around the blogsphere, but I hadn’t really paid too much attention to it because I figured, yeah another skincare line whoo hoo…

It wasn’t until I actually dedicated some time to exploring the website that I realised that Vain Pursuits is not your typical skincare company. Vain Pursuits is all about customisation to create your best product ever, your holy grail. How do they do that? Well, what they do is ask you a series of very specific questions, and then…and then(!), they create a personalised moisturiser just for you. Wow right? They actually make something tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Monday Mumblings: What’s Your Theme Song?

I was listening to (I don’t really watch TV it’s like background noise for my real life) and bouncing back and forth yesterday between Star Trek: The Next Generation and  Buffy The Vampire slayer, humming along to both opening scores. I think the only opening score that I like more than those two, is the one for Angel, even though I hated Angel until Spike and Illyria (crap, my geek is showing). The Angel theme wins by a landslide because it’s violin heavy and I lurv  violins in an unhealthy fashion, actually that can be applied to all string instruments. Suddenly as I was humming along to TNG, I thought huh? Could this be my theme song? As much as I love it, nah, it’s incomplete.

When you think theme song, you think something that explains you completely right? And so I’ve been wracking my brain thinking of what my theme song is or would be (at the moment). My favourite song is Ne Me Quitte Pas by Nina Simone, that’s not my theme song though, just trust me, it’s the exact opposite of what my theme song would be.

So then what is it? It would have to be something that explains the eclectic personality that is me, so…

While I sit over here and try to figure out just what my theme song is…

What’s your theme song and why? How does it describe you? Does it describe you or does it just make you feel awesometastic?!

Sound off!

Oh and you had better be here at 12pm on Wednesday, your girl has got a surprise for ya!

My First MEME Box!



I’ve been scoping the MEMEBOX for a really long time, I’ve been searching blog posts and looking at all the boxes that people have been reviewing, but I was still hesitant, because lets be real? Their system is hella confusing! Even after placing my first order, I’m still really confused as to how it all works. The only thing that I can tell you is that it’s not your traditional monthly box service.

Here’s how I understand it, and please for the love of all that is unholy don’t quote me, cause I’m likely quite wrong about all this. But, they do have monthly boxes. In fact, there may be more than one box per month. It’s not a subscription service, you don’t pay a month fee and then get sent a box that all other subscribers receive. Ok, first off, I forgot, this is a Korean service, so it’s mostly focused on K skincare and makeup, ok back to our regularly scheduled program. Each month, they’ll have a number of boxes that you can choose from that ship from either S. Korea or their US offices in California. You can get one or a number of those boxes each month, there’s no limit. In addition to that, they have a USA shop where you can buy certain items that ship straight from California, and then there’s an international shop with a larger selection of items that ship from S. Korea. Spend at least $30 in the USA shop and shipping is free, 3-5 days. Shipping from S. Korea always starts at $6.99 unless it’s a whole box, then shipping is built into the price, however if you add other items shipping from S. Korea to the same order as the box, that $6.99-$10.99 shipping charge will get tacked back on. The boxes are always available until they sell out. Confused yet?

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Coastal Scents Hot Pots. 48 Shades, Picture Heavy!!

DSC_1583 (1)


Coastal Scents hot pots and empty palettes are the perfect way to create your very own personalised palettes with only colours that you want. How many times have you guys heard me rave about a palette and at the same time bitch about the lack of transition colours in the same palette? Yeah. For me, a palette isn’t complete unless it has transition colours, without transition colours a palette can’t be an everything palette. Transition colours are especially important for brown skinned beauties, without them doing an intricate look results in harsh looking lines and blending that doesn’t really…blend.

The hot pots, along with the many different size and style palettes that they offer, the possibilities are kind of endless here. And when they have their sale? Forget about it. During their Cyber Monday sale, I was able to get 50% off the 24 shadow pots that I bought as well as the empty palettes. I loved the shadows so much, that I went back during their new years sale for another 40% off and another two palettes. Hey, don’t blame me if you didn’t get anything, I told ya’ll about both sales. But, I can understand if you didn’t get anything. It’s really hard to tell what the shadows really look like from the pictures on the website. I was really lucky with most of the colours that I chose, and even I had a few surprises, like two shadows that looked exactly the same. Pissed me off real bad. But I digress, this then is gonna be a PSA, with swatches, not a description of the colours cause we’d be here all day.

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Monday Mumblings: A Less Conventional Valentines Day

The lovely folks over at Daily Look asked me to create a post about what my perfect valentines day outfit would look like using the ubiquitous little black dress. I was thrilled! So I said sure. If you don’t what it is, Daily Look is not only a website where you can shop clothing, accessories and shoes, but they also have a monthly subscription service ($20 per), that is curated by your personal stylist, and they’ll send you a cute little box with 6 to 8 items, some of which are sure to become staples in you collection. You have 7 days to decide which things you really like and want to keep, send the rest back and only get charged for what you decide to keep. So, using products from the website for inspiration, I created a valentines/date night look that really reflects my style, or one of them least, you’ll understand what I mean.

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Benefit Lollitint. Perfect For Darker Skin Tones!



I think it’s about time for me to start reviewing some of my Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases don’t you?

I’m pretty sure that I mentioned Benefit not being one of my go to or favourite brands, for various reasons that aren’t even worth getting into. Suffice to say, I’ve only used a few items from them, and own very very few things, most of them sample items. I own a few highlighters and at one point I had about four of the blushes, but with the exception of Coralista, I didn’t like them enough to keep them.

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Stupid Crap!

So I’m not sure if you guys noticed or not, but the sites been down for a few days. I just noticed it a few minutes ago when I went to upload next week’s posts, since my posts are scheduled, I haven’t been on my admin panel since Sunday night when I uploaded this week’s post. Apparently my hosting package had concluded it’s yearly term and the rocket surgeons over at Go Daddy, didn’t see fit to send me any kind of anything, to let me know this was about to happen. No, just go ahead and shut the site down.

Anywhoo, it’s now back to business as usual, albeit everything a week late, so the new posts will start on Friday.

Toodles! 😂

Tarte Mini Haul



I really only meant to get a blush brush. Really.


I don’t need another foundation. I truly don’t, so I don’t know why I keep buying them, especially a Tarte foundation of all things. All my previous encounters with Tarte foundations have ended pretty badly, their deep foundations are usually no deeper than an NC40 at most. But I found out that they still make the magic blush brush and I wanted a backup. It’s called the Bamboo Blushing Beauty brush now. Anywhoo, they were having a new years sale, I had an additional coupon, so a blush brush led to a blush, and lip pencils, and…another foundation. I have swatches of everything, but what I really want to talk about is this foundation, cause I’m really kinda surprised by it and really like it.

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Monday Mumblings: What’s Your Biggest Beauty Challenge?

You’re here either because you’re a complete cosmetic addict/hoarder like myself, or you’re some sort of masochistic that loves to read my meandering rumblings.

I love makeup, with an unhealthy passion. Mostly because it allows me to experiment with different looks, which for someone that likes to dress their mood is great. I like for my face to dress my mood as well. So if I’m feeling grey, it’s muted eye colours and deep lips. If I’m flying high, it’s greens, blues, purples and golds for lips and eyes. And for when I have those understated days, where it’s an orange blush, naked lips and kajal liner.

Of course, makeup is about camouflage and exaggeration as well. Minimising those things we don’t want the world to see, making those eyes look larger than they really are (meeee!), flat-ironing that bush to death then drowning it in hairspray, praying that somehow the humidity doesn’t notice you. Then it does, whoops.

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