What’s New At The Drugstore: Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation Might Be A Giorgio Armani Maestro Dupe.



So you may have heard a bit of an uproar on social media over the new Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation. Everybody and their mama just had to get their hands on this thing, yours truly included. At first I, like everyone else, thought that this was something like the CoverFX Custom Cover Drops. But you know, reading is fundamental, and after reading I realised that it’s not. It’s just foundation people, Nyx is being real tricky and sneaky like with the way they named it.

The idea is that with more drops, you get more coverage, except that duh, pretty much every foundation works that way. For $14 you get roughly a half an ounce. It comes in a little frosted glass bottle with a dropper and it’s available in 24 shades that are divided into warm, cool and neutral tones. Those are in turn divided into Fair (Light Ivory, Porcelain, Pale & Alabaster), Light (Vanilla, true Beige, Natural), Light Medium (Light, Buff, Medium Olive), Medium (Classic Tan, Beige, Golden), Medium-Deep (Mahogany, Caramel, Golden Honey, Mocha, Deep Sable, Cappuccino, Cocoa) and Deep (Deep Rich, Deep Espresso, Deep Cool, Chestnut). Most categories have 3-4 shades, but the Medium-Deep category by far has the most shades and are all WOC friendly colours.

I actually wound up getting two shades. I placed an order from Nyx that took 17 days to get to me, not counting the holidays, and when it came some of my product was broken, not the foundation though. I ordered the shade Mocha based on the website description and colour.  Then I was placing another order from Ulta for other things and found out that Elarie wears the shade Cappuccino. She’s around the same shade as me so I decided to go ahead and get it from Ulta. Turns out both those colours were wrong for me as Mocha is about four shades too dark, and Cappuccino is about a shade too dark, but the warmth of the shade somehow makes it look darker.



The initial finish of this is a lot like the Maestro, a natural satin matte, with excellent blendability. Consistency wise it is very liquid as well and it does give really good medium coverage, beyond that to get full coverage you’ll have to augment with concealer and powder. Where this departs from the Maestro is in how very warm this particular shade is, the Maestro is a bit more on the yellow golden spectrum. In fact, as far as I can tell from testing them at Ulta, all of the medium to dark shades are very very warm, with pronounced deep peach and deep yellow undertones. I have pictures below in comparison with the Maestro in 9 which is on the left, the lighter shade and which right now is an almost perfect match being only a hair too dark, but not anything anyone except me would notice.




When I first applied the foundation, although it was hella warm, I was able to tone it down slightly with powder, and even thought I like what it looked like initially I was still really self conscious because I felt like I was walking around looking oompa loompa. The good things? It’s a light as air foundation, the wear is quite comfortable and no matter how much you apply, it never becomes cakey or odd looking nor can you feel it on the skin.



To give you an Idea, I apply around 7:40 am before I go to work. I didn’t use any concealer with this, although the whole increasing drops for greater coverage is a farce, I found that it built nicely and covered well enough while still looking very natural. However, it does nothing for texture and in fact somewhat exacerbates it. I’ve been testing a lot of foundations and blushes lately so my skin has been protesting a bit and you can see it in these pictures.

My biggest issue? Well, about four and a half hours after application, it had oxidised darker dammit, even more warm and was kinda mostly gone on my chin, with my cheeks and nose becoming very oily. It also transfers everywhere, you should see the paperwork on my desk. But you know, that might just be me cause lately all of my foundations seem to transfer no matter powder, setting spray or what the hell ever. I wore it on two different days to the same result, oily as hell and my skin isn’t very oily these days, in fact it’s a bit on the dry side with my nose peeling a bit, because it had gotten quite cold the week I wore it.



Final Thoughts.

Despite all of that, I actually do quite like this foundation if only for the weightless feel, the blendability and satiny finish. I feel like it’s enough of a dupe of the Giorgio Armani to make it worth picking it up if you’re looking for a cheaper option, and if you have more relatively dry skin. I may just pick up a lighter colour and see how that works out for me.

What’s New At The Drugstore: Maybelline Master Studio Blush & Concealer Palettes.



Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve never used Maybelline Cosmetics? I mean granted I’ve only really just started using drugstore makeup, but you would think right? But nope.

What really made me pick up these items other than the fact that they were pretty as hell, was that when I did my drugstore haul from Ulta, they were having five times points on Maybelline, L’Oreal and Nyx. I was already gonna get a bunch of Nyx and L’Oreal stuff, so I figured why not. By the way, my drugstore haul cost about $125, but I got back $80 in points, so basically I paid about $45 for everything tax included. Ulta for the win, if they had more prestige brands, I wouldn’t need to shop at Sephora at all.

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Spring Launches: Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Adjusting Drops.



Lemme tell you, this thing made me so freaking mad! So mad, that I may have tweeted something really bitchy at Clinique. Maybe.

This is a colour adjustment, high pigment liquid just like the Cover Fx drops. There are twelve shades, and I’d estimate that about four of them fall into the tan to dark range. As of right now this is an Ulta exclusive and I chose my shade, 155 the second to last, on a wing, a prayer and the iffy swatch provided on the Ulta site since there are no colour descriptors on the site, this is where Sephora has Ulta beat most of the time.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Wet n Wild Cushion Makeup



I did a seriously massive drugstore haul recently, everything from Nyx, Maybelline, L’Oreal to Wet n Wild and a Swiss (?) brand I’d never heard of before.

From Wet n Wild I got the new Photo Focus collection and then a few days ago I heard about the new cushion makeup that was supposed to launch the end of this month. It launches exclusively at Walgreens (they’re not even on the Wet n Wild website) and since I’ve set up house at my local, I went on a crazy, hours long hunt to find different items it at three different location cause all the displays looked like trash or empty. 

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This Is Probably The Best Blush Palette You’ll Ever Spend Money On. 



I’ve had this palette for over a month now and I don’t think that I’ve used anything else since. For one thing the amount of shades that you get, and the differences between them, almost ensures that you’ll never have to look elsewhere.

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The Year in Makeup Favourites 2016.

Happy freaking new year ya’ll!! I promise in 2017, I’m gonna get my blogging life together. Maybe. Ok, probably not but I’m gonna try real hard. This year was just a complete a-hole that you wanted to throat punch constantly, and it ended with George Michael dying on frikkin CHRISTMAS DAY!!! Like, what the actual F%$K 2016?! 

I drove to my sisters house jamming to Last Christmas (best Christmas song EVER), and came home to Twitter on fire. I always snicker when I hear people upset about celebrities that die, like what the hell, do you even know them? Can I just say though? 

This one hurt, really badly. I’m sure he’d never remember me, but not only have I been absolutely in love with George Michael since I was ten, but I’ve met him a few times when I was working for a magazine and wound up repeatedly at NYFW much to my dismay. 

He was friends with the original super models and a slew of the designers so he could usually be seen in the tents in the early 90’s. Talk about a ridiculously kind, humble, personable individual that always seemed slightly uncomfortable with the adulation he received. Beyond that, there was just some indefinable quality about his music, post Faith after he found his own voice, that’s simultaneously uplifting and despairing. Listen Without Prejudice Vol. I is still my favourite album. So really, is anyone reealllyy sad to see 2016 go?

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Sephora VIB Haul 2016: Tatcha Skincare.

IMAG5747 (1)

  This post got accidentally scheduled for last night at 9:53pm you may have seen it hit your email box but couldn’t find it. That’s the time I uploaded it a few days before and I guess I forgot to change the time, but I rescheduled it for today. This may also be be one of very few posts over the next month because I was invited yesterday to attend GenBeauty L.A. so I kinda don’t want to buy anything that they may just give to me there. I’m also going to wait until after to do the giveaway that I’d planned for new year’s til after GenBeauty cause I’ll have a lot more to give away then. 

This is it! Yay!!!

Ok, so clearly I’ve converted. These were my most expensive purchases during the VIB sale. I’ve fallen absolutely in love with Tatcha, like who knew that would happen? Normally I am not trying to shell out this much for skin care, but I have absolutely been obsessed with skin care lately I’ve bought so many other things that I haven’t shared yet, but really need to. At the start of the fall my skin was going through some stuff. I’m not sure if it was because the weather kept ping ponging between cold and really freaking hot, but I was having a lot of congestion happening. I went through a bunch of stuff and threw some out, kept some. An updated skin care routine is in order don’t you think? I swear, does anyone else get tired of having to change up the routine every year?

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Sephora VIB Haul 2016: AKA That Time She Bought All The Powders!



I’m a total fan of Givenchy powders, the rest of the beauty line I can take or leave, but I think that they make some really great powders. I’d previously been using the Poudre Bonne Mine in Ambre Croisiere that I kinda sorta reviewed here. They debuted a few new loose powders, Prisme Libre, semi recently so I wanted to pick up at least one of those as well.

The Prisme Libre powder ($54) comes in five shades (and an additional LE one that I didn’t really check out) and although you’d think that they’re skin tone specific at a glance, they’re not. The powders are designed for everything from colour correcting to radiance, so theoretically anyone could wear any shade. From the Sephora website;

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Skincare Obsessions: La Roche Posay Effaclar And L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water.



Imagine my surprise and delight when I walked into my favourite Walgreens and saw a ginormous display for La Roche Posay. It’s a French brand that I’d never used before but wanted to and was led to believe was super expensive, and while some of the prices that I saw were certainly extremely expensive for the drugstore, they weren’t out of reach. Walgreens seems to be trying to rebrand itself into an Ulta where you can can find expensive and inexpensive beauty and skin care products, what with the addition of this brand as well as Boots and Soap & Glory.

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Sephora VIB 2016: Burberry Cashmere Soft Matte Foundation.



Burberry’s Cashmere Soft Matte foundation is one that’s debuted only once per year. You can get it from Sephora and other retailers between September and December every year, but after that it frikkin disappears for another year. You can usually find it on the Burberry website for a little bit longer, maybe  till the end of January. I’ve been stalking this for about two years now, don’t ask me why, something in the description just intrigued me. There are thirteen shades in the range, but where Burberry foundations are really spot on with their colour descriptions and the wear, sadly this one fell way short of my expectations from the brand.

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Sephora VIB Haul 2016: Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist Skin Illuminating Foundation and Friends.



I picked up some Kevyn Aucoin during the VIB sale. I’d only really wanted to get one thing, the new foundation, but wanted to try the Neo Bronzer since the summer so I went ahead and got it along with the new-ish Guardian Angel highlighter. I dunno, over the last few years or so, I’ve not really been into KA as much as I once was. The brand just seems to be lacking in innovation as well as quality, but I guess I was nostalgic here. Lemme tell you though? This foundation is quite possibly the worst foundation I’ve tried this year, and I’ve tried a lot if you’ve been keeping track.

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Sephora VIB Sale 2016: CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops.



Sephora associates are minions of Satan. There, I said it cause there is absolutely no reason for you to see me with a basketful of stuff and deliberately walk me over to the shiniest, most beautifulest, blingiest highlighter in the joint with that devilish little grin on your face. Like I was only gonna look at it? Girl…you know me by name, and you just started working here for the holidays! How does that convey any sort of self-control on my part to you?

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Holiday 2016: bareMinerals Warm Light Dimensional Powder Duo w/Brush (QVC Exclusive).



I’m not a huge Bare Minerals fan, in fact I’m not really a fan at all. But I was trolling QVC early in the morning because I had nothing else to do really, and because QVC generally has some really well put together sets of products that give you a bunch of extras that you won’t find in store, for a fraction of the price. They also have a more expansive collection of cosmetics brands than HSN whose only  claim to fame really is Too Faced and Smashbox. QVC has Bobbi Brown, Algenist, Guerlain and Dior just to name a few.

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Anti-Holiday 2016: H&M Makes Cosmetics And Most Of It Ain’t Half Bad Folks. Picture Heavy. Long.



Did ya’ll know that H&M made cosmetics? I sure as heck didn’t. I was watching Irichel on YouTube a few months back when she first discovered it in store and decided to test it out, I liked some of the stuff that she reviewed and so I decided to test that sucker out myself. What you see in that picture is not everything that I got. I placed two orders and got at least one item from most of the range. The only thing that I didn’t get was lip stuff or mascara even though I’d really wanted to, but I have way more than enough of both so I wasn’t about to go that route.

I bought my stuff online, and two hours after I placed my first order everything went on sale. I was a little bit pissed. However, I had gone back on the site to place another order for the things that I’d initially said I didn’t want, and so I placed a bunch of stuff in my cart but didn’t complete checkout. About a week later I still hadn’t purchased them and even though the sale was over, the items in my cart still had the sale prices and I was able to get them for those prices, so that’s one good thing to know. Another thing to know is that they have a shite return policy, or what I prefer to call the European Cosmetic Return Policy, where once you pay for something it’s yours even if it doesn’t work, which for purchasing online is a pain in the butt cause things don’t ever look the same. So this is something to keep in mind if you’re planning to shop cosmetics at H&M.com seeing as the entire range is not available everywhere.

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Sephora VIB Sale 2016: New Additions To The Laura Mercier Candleglow Line!



This was such a welcome treat for me! You guys know that the Laura Mercier Candleglow foundation has become my most reached for foundation, and I have upwards of about ten different foundations people. I did get a darker colour for the summer, but I found that it’s such a flexible foundation that I can wear it now as well. It’s a tad dark, but not anything super noticeable, plus I can always fix it with a lighter powder. Since I’ve been stalking the Sephora site looking to see if the LM holiday palette that I wanted would be available, I ran across these as soon as they dropped. The palette never came into stock though, it’s only available on the LM website. Big boos.

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