Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette. The Comparison Post.

This post was published over a month ago. Somehow or the other, it got deleted from the blog. I think I took it down to make corrections, thought that I’d put it back up, but didn’t, duh. So if you’ve already seen this, it’s not new. If you haven’t, have fun!




As promised, here is a more in depth look at the coastal scents Revealed 2 Palette complete with looks and swatches. Now, I sent my UD palette back, so I’m making these comparisons based on memory and pictures of swatches that I took for the N3 post. Somewhere along the way, I realised that I had never swatched Mugshot form the UD palette. Hmmm, go figure.

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Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation; Chestnut

immaculate_foundation_c_3Image Courtesy


I had to grab a screen capture of this foundation from the Hourglass site, because, well…I’ll tell you.

I was pretty enamoured with the entire idea of this foundation, when I first heard about it way back in 2012 (I think?). A liquid that turns into a powder and doesn’t need anything else to compliment it? I. Was. There.

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(Over)Hauling Becca Part Two; Cream and Powder Blush.



Time for part two of my Becca Obsessions. You guys, know I like to clue you in on where I get my deals, so this particular part of the haul comes to you courtesy of Poshmark, ACW and Palm Beach Cosmetics on eBay. You can click this link to my second (third?) Becca post, for all the links to those places.

For your viewing pleasure, today I have five cream blushes, and one powder blush.

This post is likely to be more picture heavy than comment heavy by the way.

These first two blushes and swatches are Lotus and Dahlia. The last set of four pictures is the Soft Touch Powder Blush in Songbird.





As you guys may or may not know, I prefer cream to powder blushes. Except for Sleek powder blushes, all the powder blushes I’ve ever gotten are too powdery and look weird on my skin, sinking into acne scars and pores. Actually, I lie, Inglot powder blushes rock too. In fact, most of the European powder blushes I’ve tried have been ok, huh…I also didn’t have that problem with this Becca powder blush either, it was just so sheer and peach, that it really didn’t show up very well on my cheeks.

So, I got five cream blushes in Hyacinth, Geranium, Lotus, Terracotta and Dahlia. Of all the colours, I liked Geranium, Lotus and Dahlia the most in that order.

Here’s why, Geranium and Lotus although creams, dried to a pretty matte, not dewy finish. Since these blushes are sheer, adding a lot to get good colour just makes your cheeks look greasy, in my opinion, and I don’t like a dewy finish, so it just annoys me. Dahlia, is less of a matte finish, and because orange blushes tend to look most natural, and like my skin, I had to add more to get good colour for the photos, so I looked greasy for the rest of the bloody day.

For all the applications, I use what I like to call, my magic blush brush. It’s a Tarte brush that I got in the Carried Away Christmas Set for 2012. I swear on all the makeup gods, that this brush gives a perfect application every single time, no matter what type of blush you use. From liquids to powders, gels or creams.

Any way, onwards to pictures.


Geranium-Dusty Rose W/Muted Brown Undertone

Worn here with Pressed Shimmer Powder in Angel as Highlighter.

On me Geranium seems to read more of a coral rose than a true rose colour. I was pretty surprised that I like this colour, I hadn’t meant to get it, it was completely a mistake on my part, a good one it turns out.


DSC_1265 (2)DSC_1264_20140826215300863


Lotus-Deep Deep Berry.

Worn here with Pressed Shimmer Powder in Angel as Highlighter.

This blush scares the bejeesuz outta me. It’s super pigmented, and although I’m very used to wearing berry blushes (they’re a staple in almost every brown girls arsenal) this one…good gawd. I just couldn’t get it right at first for some reason. And, it doesn’t come off easily, of all the colours, this one is the one that really wants to hang out with you. When I first applied it, I used my magic blush brush as I’d done with all the others, and this was the result;




Clown. Freakin. Makeup. No bueno. This after wiping off most of what was already on my face. After I got my act together, I managed a more appropriate application. Thank god.




Dalia-Sheer Tangerine Orange.

Worn here with Pressesd Shimmer Powder in Athena as highlighter.

As I’ve mentioned, oranges are very natural to my complexion, probably because of all the yellow-gold in it. In any case, I had to apply an obscene amount to get it to show up in this picture the small bit that it does, so it looks super shiny, and as you can see from the flash photo, it sort of fades into my skin naturally. That being said, in real life it’s an absolutely beautiful colour and the one that I would reach for on a no makeup makeup day. It doesn’t hold up that well with time though, and it faded after about four hours in the Georgia summer heat.




Hyacinth-Watermelon Pink

Worn here with Angel as Highlighter

This last one is not my favourite, but still a very pretty colour. I had originally gotten it because in pictures it looks like a full on red. In truth, it’s more of a watermelon pink that is very sheer, but still manages to  impart a good amount of colour with very little effort. It’s also one of the ones that’s more dewy, so I won’t be reaching for it very often.




The only Blushes that I didn’t actually photograph me wearing are Terracotta and Songbird. Silly me, thinking a blush named Terracotta would be earth toned and clay-ish in colour. In real life, it’s a nude peach. And Songbird, is also a peachy gold. My undertones eat peach shades.


Final Thoughts


I was going to add the Pressed Shimmer Powders to this post, but it was already getting too long, so I’ll save those for the next post and link to this one so you can see them in action once again.

With the exception of Terracotta, I liked all these blushes. The ones that I really liked give decent, if not great wear time, an overall great pigmentation. I may get a few more. Frangipani is calling my name.


Gratuitous picture of magic blush brush from Tarte Carried Away 2012 Christmas Set.


Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer




I’ve been real busy lately. I have periods like that for some reason. I’d always thought that I was super busy because of work and school at the same time. Well, turns out that you can still be super busy with just a freaking job. Anywhoo, I’ve been busy looking for a new job, not that I don’t love Starbucks, it’s just that I hate it. Looking for a new job should be listed as a job description all on it’s own. Sending out resumes, filling out profiles, in Georgia, driving forty-five minutes one way to an interview and the same amount back. Man, I miss getting on a subway and letting someone else take me to my next destination. In New York, I could get to sometimes four interviews in one day, in Atlanta? Good luck with that, I’m lucky if I can do two in a day.

All that to say, super busy. I’ve also been clearing out my makeup, because, way too damn much. I’ve been listing some of it on Poshmark and giving the rest away. The thing is, I’ve been clearing stuff out and finding stuff that I meant to blog about, took photos for, and never got around to. So this is what I’m gonna start doing for a while, it also has the added benefit or making me go through some of the stuff I have piled up.

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(Over)Hauling Becca: Luminous Skin Ultra Sheer Foundation.




Maybe you’ve noticed (or maybe not cause you might be just like me, a hoarder), but I can get a little bit obsessive at times. From buying fifty foundations to find the perfect one, or just absolutely having to own every purple lipstick ever made, by anyone. Yeah, obsessive.

My Becca Obsession (yes, I am capitalising it) started simply enough with the Beach Tints, they were pretty dammit, and I decided that any brand that made such pretty things deserved a second look. And a third, and apparently a fourth and fifth.

I started off simply enough trying to find that great foundation, stumbled onto some cream blushes, saw a powder blush I had to have, and pretty soon (inside two weeks) I had an entire makeup drawer dedicated to Becca. Le Sigh.

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Why My Face Loves Valentia Even Glow Serum!




I love serums!

I find that all the more funny because until probably two years ago, I thought they were the dumbest thing ever invented. I just never saw the point.

And then I was introduced to Lightsource from Stila and it was a wrap. I’ve been sampling serums ever since, unfortunately, most of the ones I’ve sampled have fallen into the category I’d assigned serums to, completely useless. But a few, like Stila’s and the two that I’d tried from Michael Todd True Organics, were really wonderful products.

I’d run out of my standbys, so I was searching for something new to try, I like to change my skincare routine periodically so my skin doesn’t get used to something. The only thing that never changes is my moisturiser, every time I’ve switched from the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve, my skin pays for it almost immediately.

Through Brand Backer, Valentia sent out a call for beauty bloggers to try their new serum. A serum that had been in production for over a year, and I was elated when they contacted me to say that they I’d been chosen for the campaign.

At first I was leery because, as a vitamin C serum, it was pretty much a guarantee that it would have loads of citrus, and while I love the scent of citrus, my skin in general, and my face in particular has an extreme sensitivity to citrus that causes me to break out into very, very bad cystic acne. Besides, which, in the the summer time my skin is volatile, ultra sensitive and unpredictable. Since I’d already been accepted into the campaign, I decided to go ahead with it.

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Sephora Beauty of Giving Back Face Palette. Picture Heavy Post.



The Sephora Beauty of Giving Back Palette is a, eight shade cheek palette designed to celebrate cancer awareness.

Getting this palette was something of a whim, I’d gotten a late birthday present from a Co-worker of a Sephora gift card and I’d initially wanted to get Kat Von D’s Poe lipstick from the new Studded Kiss line, but the damn lipstick is like a unicorn. You think you see it, and then bam, when you turn around it’s bloody gone.

Anywhoo, I decided to browse to blow some loot, and wound up coming across this and another three shade blush palette that was half the price of this one which retails for $34.  Plus, the other one had a bronzer as one of the shades and I always feel as if I just wasted money when I get a bronzer in a cheek palette.

But good blush junkie that I am, I went ahead and got the this.

First of all, the packaging is just too festive, it’s even more vibrant and fun in person. It comes in a clear hard plastic case, that I managed to cut my finger on, and on the back of that plastic case, are the…numbers of the shades. Yeah, these don’t have names, just numbers. How very penal colony…




Inside the package there are three cream blushes and five powder blushes. It’s made of sturdy cardboard with a hidden magnetic clasp and a ginormous mirror. And technically, there are four blushes, since one of them is more of a bronzer/highlighter deal.




I’m almost convinced that the only reason I got this palette is because of the ombre blush and highlighter, I mean, it’s a thing of beauty. It was so pretty in fact that I almost didn’t want to touch it and mess up the pretty pattern. Buuut, touch it I did eventually, with fingers and all. Close-ups below with flash and without, as you can see it basically looks the same either way. To help with visualisation.




From the left, top to bottom we have shades 1-3, which are all cream blushes. The middle ombre colours are 4 and 5, one of them being a gradient blush/bronzer combo. And top to bottom on the right side we have 6 to 8, of these three, 6 is a highlighting colour.

I have to say that I was really disappointed in this palette. When I was looking at it online, it doesn’t seem like it, but these colours run very cool, particularly the powder shades on the right, the cream blushes were not very pigmented at all either. When I first swatched 3 I was very excited because in the pan it looks like a mauvey rose with gold shimmer, but on application, it turned into a mid-toned cool pink and the gold shimmer was just kinda kaput. The only colour that I didn’t have any degree of difficulty wearing, were shades 5 and 7, which both turned out to be peachy shades, with five leaning more vibrant peach and 7 leaning more muted neutral peach. Swatches below.




For shades 4 and 5, the colour at the top is the result of combining all the colours in the ombre to create one shade. I did like the resulting shades of the combinations of both, and found that they both can be used as highlighting colours. Shade 4 however is just a bronzer and highlighter in one.





And finally shades 6 to 8.




They were also really powdery, settled into pores and looked cakey on application. I’ve always said that I hate powder blushes that aren’t by Sleek, because more often than not, they’re not finely milled enough and you wind up with a cakey mess on your face. Another blogger that hates powder blushes as well, swears by Becca though, so I want to try those as well.


Final Thoughts.


For serious, I’m not even sure why I keep buying Sephora brand products, with the exception of the lipsticks, I almost always wind up returning them. Just this week alone, I’ve returned two items. They just don’t cut it for me, which really surprises me because usually I love their collabs. I was all over the TokiDoki collab a few years ago, my TokiDoki makeup bag is still the one I use every day. My HG fragrance (which is now discontinued) was Hello Kitty for Sephora. Maybe when they do collaborations the company that they work with provides everything but the space which is solely Sephora’s job, otherwise I just can’t fathom why their regular stuff is just so bad.

Whatever, in the end I wound up returning this palette, even though huge, pretty and only $34, not worth it when there are only two shades that I like or can even wear. I’d say save the money and get something, anything else.

Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle



I’ve been lemming these since I first saw them in Sephora something like two months ago. They reminded me a lot of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes only in a cream/gel formula. But since I had just gotten two Ambient lighting blushes, I decided to forgo these until the itch got too bad, particularly since the two colours that I wanted were pretty much the same colours that I’d gotten in the blushes.

After the disappointment that was the Ambient lighting blushes, I almost went back to Sephora and picked these up. I didn’t though and kinda pushed them to the back of my brain. Then Ulta sends me an email that they were launching Becca and a deal on them. I picked up two of these from Ulta, the two that I had originally tested in Sephora, Raspberry/Opal and Watermelon/Moonstone.

As usual, I’m in love with the minimalist packaging of Becca. Glass Jar and silver tops that take up most of the outer surface of the package.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get a brush inside these jars, unless it’s the tiniest of brushes like the ELF small stippling brush. So you will be using your fingers for application.




Inside is the soufflé, and as you can see from the pictures it employs the same kind of marbling tech that Hourglass did for their blushes. While this technique is really pretty to look at, it makes products like this a bit of a hit or miss thing. You can wind up getting a whole lot of colour or almost none at all.

The consistency of these is a very cushiony, highly whipped gel-like product, if all those adjectives can even apply to the same item.




I liked these soufflés initially because they eliminate the need for a separate highlighter since it’s basically built in with the sheer wash the coloured part of the soufflé imparts. All of the ones I’ve tried to date, also have a faintly fruity smell to them, which is most notable in the Raspberry/Opal.

The idea behind these was to blend Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors with the regular Beach Tints, which I suppose would save you on time and money.




Papaya/Topaz is a bright orange laced with topaz, which is a shade that’s midway between bronze and gold. I think this shade will look good on almost anyone, but will be especially stunning on those with darker skin or warm undertones.

Raspberry/Opal is a deep berry shade laced with Opal, which is just a very muted, almost beige version of bronze. This shade, if well balanced like the sample of gotten from Sephora, will look good on any skin-tone or complexion, light or dark. If it’s not well balanced, you’ll get something like I did that’s only suitable for lighter skin-tones, or something that swings the opposite direction.

I had the same issue with these that I had with the Ambient Lighting Blush, unfortunately the colour that I was really after was the one that disappointed. Although Raspberry/Opal was the one that I’d fallen in love with that drove the mad need to own them all, this was the one, when I received it, that wound up not being a very good colour for me.

When I had gotten samples from Sephora to take home, the dark plummy shade of the Raspberry showed up very well against my skin tone, and the Opal provided a flattering bronzing to the overall effect. Unfortunately, here when the colours combined I was left with a sort of pale pinkish shade that doesn’t show up very well on me, so I wasn’t actually able to capture it with the camera.

I hadn’t planned to get the Papaya/Topaz because Watermelon/Moonstone was the one that I’d gotten from Sephora, but even though I liked it, I decided that I wanted a deeper orange colour to compliment my deeper summer skin tone. I’m really very happy that I did, because this colour is so gorgeous.

On me oranges look very natural and at times can be almost indistinguishable from my complexion. You know how older folks always say that a natural blush shade is any colour that your cheeks would turn if they’re pinched? Well, if you pinch my copious cheeks, they turn something of a red orange, weird, I know.

Anywhoo, pictures of me wearing Papaya/Topaz below with flash and without, the picture may look familiar since this was the same session in which I tested the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.




It does create a subtle flush to the skin and applies very lightly. I plan on going back for another one, unfortunately I’m not gonna be able to use the Raspberry/Opal unless I break it up and I really don’t want to. But I probably will.

I much rather these to the Ambient lighting blushes, probably more so because I prefer cream cheek products than any other concrete reason, but most likely because they’re much more pigmented than the blushes and I don’t have to work quite so hard to achieve colour. One good thing I found out was that using the Raspberry/Opal as a base gives the Mood Exposure Ambient lighting blush the colour and depth that it’s missing on its own.


Final Thoughts.


These are awesome, if you can only pick up one do it, it’s so worth it, I think these will translate very well to the colder months when your skin needs a little glow pick me up. And I forgot to mention, the wear time on these is pretty decent for cream/gel product, I got about five hours in the Georgia heat and humidity. The only thing that I’d advise, the same as I did with the Ambient Lighting Blushes, check them before you leave the store (buy in store if you can) to make sure that they have enough colour in them.

Now, go forth and shop!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream






Man, I hate living in the states, the UK and Europe get all the goodies dammit!

A few weeks ago, Beautylish sent an email asking if I wanted to test out the famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) Magic Cream by makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. If you don’t know who Ms Tilbury is, chances are you’re not a part of the fashion world. She’s pretty much been a staple at fashion shows for over a decade and has worked with just about all the huge designers that you can think of.

Now, while I had previously heard of the Magic Cream and the rest of her line, I’d never  tried it. For one thing, neither Ms Tilbury’s site nor Selfridges (where she launched her line initially) will ship the items to the states. I think that it was something to do with the ingredients list, though I haven’t read anything on that list that screams toxic or bad, not even slightly. Also, at £70 ($117+/-) it’s prohibitively expensive for a cream, no matter how bloody magical it happens to be. Selfridges is not a High Street store.

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Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation Creme


Becca Fullscreen capture 07-Aug-14 165250Courtesy


You guys know I’ve been dipping my feet in the Becca waters slowly, and  this time I’ve decided to try out the new Ultimate Coverage Complexion Cream, based on a video I saw on YouTube that consisted of the most awesome transformation that I’ve ever seen. However, before I went out and spent $44 to own something forever, I decided to get a sample instead. I sometimes don’t return stuff simply because I can’t be bothered, so often times I just get samples from Sephora. I especially tend to do that with foundations because I have such a hard to match complexion.

I had to go to Sephora anyway to see if I could get a Fresh face wash so while I was there I got the sample.

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Wading Into The Becca Waters

DSC 1137 20140730210149020


For a minute people have been telling me that I need to look at Becca foundations since I’m always trying to find my next great foundation experience. I went to Sephora when it first debuted, to try the colour matching IQ thingy. All the colours that I was matched to were so woefully inccorect as to be laughable. The BA though, was really surprised that of all the brands that the colour IQ spit out, Becca wasn’t one of them. I was pretty surprised as well because as far as I can tell, Becca is the only beauty brand not dedicated to women of colour that has so many shades for women of colour. When I say many, I don’t mean four (which is usually the max in most lines), across their different lines, Becca has at least ten shades for women of colour. That range from Bamboo to CaCao, with yellow, neutral and red undertones. So, yeah, I was pretty surprised. The BA gave me a couple samples to take home with me anyway, but when I tried them they looked horrible and so because these were the colours that looked closest to my skin tone, I figured Becca wasn’t for me.

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Beauty Army July 2014

DSC 1119


So no, I never said that I was done with sub services. Just Glossybox, for the moment.

I’ve had a Beauty Army account set up for over a year now, and just never bothered to go ahead and use it, mostly because it confused the heck outta me. I guess I’ve been more bored than usual lately, because one night I went ahead and just ordered a box.

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Lip Monthly July 2014

I give up. I’m seriously considering moving my blog back to Blogger because this is getting a little bit ridiculous. It’s taking me three times as long to write a post because I have to keep going over and over it to fix formatting errors and make sure that photos are sized correctly. The Beauty Army post took me four hours, no lie. A combination of WordPress and BlogDesk fail. Or maybe, ya know, windows live writer will magically starts working again the way it magically stopped. The pictures may be too large, I’m sorry about that, there’s very little graphic editing control in the app.

Enough ranting though, let’s talk about Lip Monthly.

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Sleek MakeUp Limited Edition Rio Rio Palette-Picture Heavy Post.

DSC 1142-001


I’m not sure if this palette was designed to coincide with the world cup being held in Brasil this year, but in any case it was just in time for world cup and it encompasses everything vibrant that people think when they think of Brasil.

I wasn’t actually planning on getting this palette because just looking at it on the Sleek site, the colours reminded me a lot of the Del Mar palette. But, Sleek had a 20% off sale and since I have zero self control and was already planning on picking up some other stuff, I went ahead and got this as well. I figured, if the colours were very similar, I could always not use it and use it as a giveaway item.

Sorry guys, I really like this palette.

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