Quick Post. Sleek Makeup Sale!


Just a quick heads up for anyone wanting to snatch up some Sleek items after all the blogging I’ve done on it this month. This weekend only they’re having a 30% off sale. If you stay under $50 before the discount, the shipping is less than $2.50. Or you can split the order and it’ll still be less than the flat $12.47 for anything over $50. The sale is on till Sunday at 11:59pm. Happy shopping!

Sleek Spring & Summer: Part Three; The Shadows.

The Shadows


This portion of the review took longer than I anticipated for a few reasons. One, I was still on the fence about the Garden of Eden Palette, but I did go ahead and finally get it. Two, I couldn’t get any good shots, particularly of the Del Mar palette. Since it’s so vibrant, and I usually do my makeup before work and take the pictures then because I like using natural outdoor light as much as possible, it became almost impossible to find colours that would be acceptable to wear at work. Finally I just gave up and did the shots after work in my bathroom’s wonky lighting.

Let’s start off with;

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Japonesque Colour Radiance Primer



My birthday was about a week ago, and I was elated to receive from my sister an Ulta gift card. Elated because during your birthday month, you get 2x the points. I also got from Ulta, a $10 off coupon to use on anything in the store (even prestige items!), and a CK One Colour Mascara (I’ve previously reviewed that mascara, it’s just meh). I also had a merchandise credit so I was stoked to get some new stuff. But have I mentioned that my Ulta is janky and always late? So they didn’t have the items that I went in for in stock as yet and you can’t use merchandise credits online so…

I was just browsing, I had already decided to get the new Benefit Push Up Liner (which is phenomenal by the way), and a couple of Butter London Lippys, when I happened to pass by the Japonesque section. I’d wanted to try the Liquid Light, so I tested them and settled on the one colour that I didn’t think I had in my arsenal as yet (because WOW!), and then I looked next to it and saw this absolutely beautiful shimmering liquid. I then noticed that it was a primer and almost walked away, because I don’t need another primer. But…but, because I’m a toddler and all you have to do is dangle something new and shiny in front of me, I decided to test it out. I was immediately sold. I put everything else back.

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Sleek Bare Skin Foundation.



Remember how in the Sleek Spring & Summer Offerings post I said that I’d just that morning gotten an email about the launch of the new Bare Skin Foundation? Well I got it a few days later, and since I’ve been wearing it for a few days, I feel like I can give a pretty good review on it at this point.

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Glossybox June 2014. The Stars and Stripes Edition.



This month’s Glossybox was super early! I’ve had mine about four days now. I got my ship notification days after I had the box in hand.

Since my birthday is today, I was gonna wait to open it, but you all know that I’m definitely not known for either my patience or self control.

This would have been an awesome birthday present to myself, but for me the products this month were just meh. Also, this is most likely going to be my final Glossybox unless something really spectacular comes along. Although I’ve tried repeatedly, I can never really stay away from GB for too long, a month at most usually. But my boxes from last month are just sitting there, and this one has joined them as well. So for now, I think it’s time for a break.

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Sleek Spring & Summer: Part Two; The Blushes & Bronze Block

The Blushes


I’ve never made any secret that I think that Sleek MakeUP blushes are far superior to any of the others that I own. For reference, I own upwards of 60 blushes (don’t even ask). I’m very particular about my blushes, cause simply put, I’m kind of addicted to them. Which is all kinds of irony considering I used to be one of those “black women don’t wear blush” types.

I’ve always preferred Sleek powder blushes because of my skin, because they’re ridiculously pigmented and because the have a wonderful line-up for dark skin. I have small acne scars and some genetic raised moles. They’re not anything that someone could look at my face, point at and say, there, but I notice them and that’s enough. Apply the wrong powder blush though and people will indeed be able to say, there. Most powder blushes sink into the acne scars and pores and broadcast them to world, I don’t have that issue with Sleek blushes.

That being said, I’m gonna have to start this off by saying these two Blush By 3 palettes that I got from the spring/summer collection are by far, the least impressive blushes that I own from Sleek, and I have all the Blush By 3 palettes (except for sugar) and two of the single blushes.

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes



For a really long time now, I’ve been hearing people rave about the Ambient Lighting powders. I thought, ok, sounds good, but what exactly is the big deal? There are a lot of cosmetic companies that make the same claims as Hourglass does about their powders, and some of them actually deliver, for less. I was pretty meh about the whole thing, so I filed it away for further perusal.

Then, they went and came out with blushes and, as your friendly neighbourhood blush-a-holic (me) will tell you, it was a wrap. I still wasn’t all the way sold though. Enter Glossybox and Bergdorf’s. While searching the beauty section for something to blow my two $25 gift cards on, I stumbled onto the hourglass blushes and powders.

I wasn’t really interested in powders like I said, since I have so many that I barely use, I wasn’t about to pick up a new one. Anywhoo, I decided to get two blushes. But I had to go to Sephora’s website to read the description of each colour. For such a high end store, Bergdorf’s website is absolute shite. They have no descriptions or swatches, I suppose they want you to come in, but what if you live in another state? Completely unacceptable I think.

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Beautylish Giveaway!

Hey lovelies, this is a giveaway (of sorts).

Beautylish has offered me five $25 credits to hand out to some lucky ladies.

Now, because these are credits I won’t post a link, I’ll be sending the link to you via email. I’m choosing to do it this way because any random person wandering by the blog can just click on a link, and that hardly seems fair to the people that have been here reading, participating and/or commenting, because your clicks are the reason that Beautylish is even offering me the opportunity to do this.


In order to qualify there are some rules.

1. You have to be a new Beautylish member. The credits can not be used with a preexisting account. This means you have to sign up for a new account.

2. To be able to use the credit, you have to have a total purchase in your cart of at least $100. Is this a lot, maybe, but don’t forget that you can always use the pay later with Affirm option and have 45 days to save up and pay it off. Also, you don’t have to use it right away, the credit will stay in your account for about 30 days.

3. Finally, leave a comment below. Anything will do. Have you ever heard of Beautylish? Wanted to shop Beautylish? What do you plan on getting? Or you can just tell me how awesome I am.

When you’ve done all this, send me the email address that you plan to use to create your Beautylish account, using the contact me link on the blog. The first five people that inbox me, and follow all directives, will be emailed the link to create an account and redeem the credit.

Please do not leave your email address in the comments section!

If you’ve never heard of Beautylish, you can check out some of my posts on Beautylish purchases here, here, here, here and here. Yup, there are a lot of posts, I shop Beautylish regularly because they’re awesome and have two day shipping.


A List of Brands Offered By Beautylish

Too Faced
Eve Lom
Anna Sui
Kevyn Aucoin
Beauty Blender
The Brush Guard
St Tropez
Billy B Brushes
RCMA Makeup
Wayne Goss
Cover FX
Armour Lip gloss
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Cult Nails
Beauty So Clean
Dita vin Teese
Glam Glow
Indie Lee
Paw Palette
Ellis Faas
Parian Spirit
Lucas Papaw Remedies
Rms Beauty

That’s all she wrote dolls!

Sleek MakeUp Spring & Summer: Part 1;The Bases.

The Bases

To start off my Sleek Spring and Summer reviews, I’m starting with all the bases I got. This year, Sleek debuted three new ones. Loose Translucent Powder, Professional Finishing Powder (although, I’m almost certain this is the One Powder repackaged, but don’t quote me), a CC Cream, and as I was writing this post I got another email about yet a new foundation, the Bare Skin Foundation. Is there any doubt that I’ll be picking that one up as well?

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Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette. Review & Swatches. The Quick & Dirty Post.


I have such a backlog of posts at the moment (which is why this is coming to you courtesy of WordPress for Android, proudly sponsored by crazy downtime at Starbucks), but I wanted to do a really quick first impressions post on Coastal Scents new neutral palette cause I’ve noticed that the Quickpost I did a few days ago is getting a lot of hits. So I just wanted to put some pics out there so people can see the colours and textures.

I’ll come back later with a more in depth review and also a comparison with the N3 palette.

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Korres Chara Crimson Cheek Butter & St. Tropez Illuminator.

So…Beautylish is gonna make me go broke, but in this case I got stuff with a credit so that’s good at least right? Right? No new money spent!

Before I ever used the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve, I was completely in awe of Korres for both skincare and makeup. One of the great things about Korres is that it’s a Greek brand, that means, lots of deep yellow undertones in their foundations and powders. Also, more colours specifically suited to those with yellow undertones. In fact, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find any of Korres’ foundations with a pink or even a neutral undertone.

As for their skincare products, completely natural, non comedogenic ingredients. All very safe for the sensitive skinned girl. My go to for years had been their Greek Yoghurt Moisturiser, until they stopped making it and I’ve been on a merry go round trying to find something until I came across the Fresh moisturiser. I ran out of the Fresh recently and since I had some credit at Beautylish, I decided to load up on some Korres stuff. The formulation of the moisturiser cream has changed for some reason, it’s now extremely runny and holding the container askance will cause the whole thing to just drain right out. It also now makes my skin extremely oily. So back to my Fresh it is. Or I’ve recently been scoping out Mario Badescu, after using a sample of their drying cream that I got from Ulta, I’m very interested. The Fresh is $42, I love it to death, but if I can find an equally good replacement for much less, then yeah, I’m going for it.

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Sleek Makeup; Spring and Summer Offerings



I’ve been doing Sleek hauls on the DL for more than a year now. I haven’t posted any of them cause it’s usually so much stuff,  that I get all overwhelmed and stuff. But I promise I will work my way through them. Eventually. That photo above is of the last big Sleek haul that I did, I took photos but never wrote the post cause like I said, I may have gotten a wee bit overwhelmed. But, looking at the photos, I may just decide to break it up in sections and add them to the summer stuff I got as an addendum, or just do a Sleek series. We’ll see.

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Quickpost. Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette.

Hey ladies, remember a few months back when I did that post on the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette and loved it (you’ll have to do a search, WordPress has seen fit to take away my ability to link from the mobile app)?

Well, they’re back with the updated version, and for 48hrs you can snag it for $9.95 plus shipping. Where Revealed 1 was a combination reminiscent of Naked 1&2, Revealed 2 seems to be a dupe for Naked 3.

The colours look different enough though (check out the colours in the screenshot below) that I went ahead and got mine, so if you wanna wait on my review, you can, but then it might be back to its regular price of $19.95.


For those of you browsing from mobile, let me apologise right now, as I’m tweaking the mobile site so it’s striped down and a little weird looking at the moment. Or if you prefer this cleaner look, let me know in comments!

Glossybox May 2014. Bergdorf Goodman Collab!



Hey! Whaddya know, the May GB actually arrived in May! Well hey, they may be onto something, and after last months debacle I think they worked extra hard to make sure that we got this month’s box in our hands in a timely fashion. Plus, there was a Bergdorf Goodman $25 gift card in each box that expires on 15th June, I can only imagine the mayhem that it have ensued on the GB page had people gotten boxes with expired cards. Facebook would have exploded.

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Graze Snack Box


After Nature Box reprogrammed my taste buds, I started hunting down some more snack box options. The two that appealed to me the most were Graze and Nibblr. Both were the same kind of set up, $6 per box and you can receive a box, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Graze happened to be a happy sort of accident, a co-worker has picked up her tickets to some concert or the other and there was a coupon for a free box. She couldn’t use it because she has severe nut allergies and since she knew that I was looking for new snacks she passed it on to me. Thanks Paige!

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