Brown Girls Rejoice! Your Bronzer Has Finally Arrived.



I spied this baby today when I went to Sephora to pick up the Teint Infusion foundation. Some wonderful soul named Paige, had given me a birthday gift card, so I was able to get them both. Plus we both wanted to check out the foundation, she has the Pale Girl Problems to my Brown Girl Bemoanings when it come to makeup. I’ll have a review of that foundation coming up soon, but I must say, Sephora has definitely been impressing me all year starting with the Marsala debut.

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New For Summer! Too Faced Cosmetics.

Too Faced has launched a whole plethora of new products this summer. A new eye palette that I plan on getting sometime soon. A new foundation, that I’m not sure that I’ll be picking up since I’ve been hearing from the paler and the darker ladies that unless you’re smack dab somewhere in the middle, there’s no shade to be had for you. We’ll see. They also launched a new set of blushes, the Love Flush, that are absolutely gorgeous.



I actually got four of these, the reason only three are pictured is because I ordered that last one on a whim and I didn’t bother photographing it, just swatched it. I loved Too Faced’s Sweethearts blushes, so I had no reservations when ordering these because I kinda knew they’d be stellar.

I also love that all the shades are song names, not really sure how well they coincided with their respective colours, but as a music freak I was completely tickled by this.

The four that I got where How Deep Is Your Love, Your Love Is King, Love Hangover and Justify My Love.


Love the heart shaped compact and the crazy attention to detail on the blush itself. The full sized mirror was a surprise after the Sweetheart’s blush not having one. The compact isn’t very large, and it’s quite thin which makes it a chore to open. Whenever I open it, I have to turn it on the side and kind of pry it open with a nail. If you have no nails, it might be really hard to do since the compact is smooth and has no snap, it closes magnetically.




How Deep Is Your Love (The Bee Gees). A warm, deep coral pink.


Your Love Is King (Sade). Deep, berry pink.


Love Hangover (Diana Ross). Supposedly a warm coral, but more peachy pink than coral.


As stated, I didn’t take pictures of Justify My love, but I do have swatches of everything below. They’re very smooth and finely milled and I was able to build them up without looking cakey or dry with Love Hangover being the only exception because of the peachy undertones.

I really wasn’t expecting much from most of these blushes, I was fully prepared to return almost all of them with the exception of Your Love is King. Imagine my surprise than when not only were they hella pigmented, but they all showed up really well on my NC45 skin tone. I think I mentioned before that I have crappy light in my bathroom, well I couldn’t see well when I applied How Deep Is Your Love, but thanks to the forthright nature of children, I didn’t walk out of the house looking crazy.

All of the ones that I got were matte for the most part. Love Hangover has a very slight iridescence and Justify my love has a smidge of shimmer when you first look at it, but which blends out almost completely to just leaving you with a glow. The tones of these are hard to explain, they provide a very soft flush, yet intense looking colour if that makes any kind of sense. The lasting power is excellent as well. Too Faced claims them to last sixteen hours, I didn’t test that claim, but I did get a solid nine hours at a Father’s Day barbeque in the Georgia heat and humidity from How Deep Is Your Love.

I was especially surprised by both Love Hangover and Justify My Love (which I almost didn’t get). I was surprised by Love Hangover because based on the colour description, it should have been a colour that suited me to a T, but it instead wound up being a bit whitish and odd looking on me. Justify My Love surprised because I got it on a lark as it looked completely cool toned from pictures. I sometimes wear cool pink blushes because if they’re well made enough, they’ll read lilac or lavender on me. So finding out that it is actually a warmer, bright, light pink was a treat, and funny enough it’s become my favourite of all four. Swatches below.


Top to Bottom: How Deep Is Your Love, Your Love Is King, Love Hangover.


Justify My Love.

That last swatch of Justify My Love is admittedly bad, having to do with the time of day and lighting in which I took it, so it’s washed out and I didn’t have time to redo them. Sorry sometimes I suck.


Final Thoughts.

These Blushes are absolutely worth the $27. I’m over the moon that there are so many brown girl friendly shades, it’s become something of a rarity in the beauty industry lately it seems. if you get a chance you should definitely check out a few of these, especially if you’re a girl that likes softer more subtle shades. They really are the perfect addition to any summer makeup routine.

New For Summer! BH Cosmetics. (Picture Heavy. LONG!)

IMAG0970_1 (1)


So…BH Cosmetics is going a bit crazy, what with the ninety gazillion new products they’ve been launching lately. I mean I don’t mind cause obviously I like spending money (I don’t really, I’m actually kinda cheap), and BH products tend to be, almost across the board great. Plus they have sales like every single day of the week.

A run-down of the summer line up looks like this. Foundations and powders, new lip and cheek products including a bitching highlighter palette. New brushes and tools, and a host of other things that thank god, I wasn’t all that interested in.

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New For Summer! Smashbox Cosmetics.

This post is over two months in the making, but you know, time constraints and what not. And oh yeah, because I pretty much hated all of it. So now I have these lovely pictures for you guys. Let me just say first off that I’m really not a huge Smashbox fan, the only two things I’ve ever been impressed with is the Liquid Halo foundation and the original primer. Maybe a lipstick or two. I know a lot of people swear by them, but I dunno, their stuff just never seems to work out for me, so I’m not really sure why I keep bothering. But I’ve made up my mind that this is gonna be my last Smashbox purchase unless it’s foundation. Their stuff always looks so colourful and intriguing though, that I end up getting suckered in.

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My Summer Bronzers And Highlighters.


Summer has officially hit. But you wouldn’t know that based on the weather that we’ve been having in Georgia. We’ve already had a few over 80 days, complete with hair swelling humidity. My hair anyway. So, it’s no surprise that I’ve already been thinking of my summer makeup wardrobe, and I love highlighters. I mean, lurve! Highlighters are great for all sorts of uses, from accenting blush, adding dimension to and sculpting cheekbones, to just adding an overall glow to the skin. In the summer time, since I get dark so quickly and my undertones get more golden than ever, I tend to prefer gold based highlighters because they look very natural. I don’t actually get browner in the summer, I turn something of a bronzey gold shade, so strictly speaking, I don’t really need a highlighter. But since I spend the rest of the year chasing that colour (in the winter I’m just straight yellow, jaundiced looking and flat), I play it up as much as I can.

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Sorry Y’all

I’ve been working doubles for the last week. I’m so bloody exhausted that I completely forgot to renew my domain name. My birthday is next week and I’m taking most of the week off, so there will be new posts then. I’ve got some awesome new products to share too. Until then!

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Contouring and Highlighting for Dark Skin.

By Jill Russell. Reposted with permission from


Contouring dark skin

One of the essential techniques to learn for any makeup application is contouring—and although it seems intimidating at first, it’s actually fairly easy to master. We recently covered contouring basics, but now we have remixed that article to share some tips and product recommendations for those with darker skin tones.

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How To Contour: The Basics

By Jill Russell. Reposted with permission from


Knowing how to contour is an important skill as all makeup applications involve contouring on some level. But to many, the thought of doing it at home seems inaccessible and a little too tricky. But it’s easier than you think! “Basically, all makeup is contouring,” says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Brande Bytheway. “When you contour, all you’re doing is accentuating your natural features.” To get the technique down, we had Brande walk us through the how-to’s and tools to create a basic look using contouring.

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Contour Kit Smackdown! Long and Picture Heavy.

This contouring thing has gotten waaaay out of hand wouldn’t you agree? So much so that all the cosmetic companies are putting out a palette. The problem with most of them is that the colours are too warm to use as contouring colours so chicks be walking around looking like who-done-it. Not a good look. I would expect better from companies whose business it is to know makeup, don’t most of them have their own in-house makeup artists that should be peeking over shoulders and saying “um…so…she might look like an extra for Jersey Shore if she uses that”. You’d think.

Anyway, I had stated that I wanted to start practicing some contouring, not for anything serious since I believe contouring to be a bit of false advertising. But cause you know, why not? To that end, I went on the furious hunt and ended up trying a contour palette or two (or ten). Do ya’ll have any flippin’ idea how hard it is to find a contour kit for deeper skin tones? Well, lemme tell you, it ain’t easy. The first one that I tried was the Too Faced Cocoa Contour which was an epic fail, you can see my review on it here. So I decided to delve deeper into the contouring waters and today I’ll bring you my findings. These are the five contour palettes that I’ve been playing around with for about two and a half months, that I’ve found to work well for medium/deep complexions and so I present them to help you make an informed decision. I have them in no particular order here so…

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BH Cosmetics Colour Lock Matte Lipsticks.


So when I did the Coastal Scents lipstick review, I compared them to the BH ones without ever realising that I’d never even bothered to do a review for them. When I first got them, I’d taken product shots but I held off doing a review since some of the shades that I wanted were constantly out of stock. I was waiting for them to be restocked so I could just do all of them at once. Then I got distracted by other stuff as usual. I decided not to wait for the rest of my order to come in (it’s just one other lippie anyway), so I broke out the shots I’d already taken, took some new ones and bam, post.

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Cover FX Custom Cover Drops…So NOT In Love With It.



So yeah, I’m about to be the lone voice of dissent on this one folks. It’s just not the HG, end to all our foundation woes that everyone else seems to think that it is. Here’s the deal, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t trust a lot of blog or vlog reviews because I feel like a lot of these chicks are not being honest. Because they’re either hoping for sponsorship from a brand, or they’re already being sponsored by the brands that they’re reviewing. That helps no one. Not the consumer, the brand or the blogger especially since you’ll get a reputation for being dishonest and there goes your viewership/readership…and with it sponsors. And oh yeah, it’s just dumb to lie. Just sayin’.

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Armour Beauty Has Your Fun Summer Colours!



I told you guys about Armour Beauty and the frikkin fantabulous lip-glosses last year, and I bet you still haven’t tried them as yet have you? What in the heck are you waiting for anyway? Ok well, maybe some of the super gorgeous new shades will help you decide yeah?

These shades are from the new Armour V line. Keeping it real? I have no flippin’ idea what Armour V is, and let me tell you it’s not from lack of research. Nothing on either the Beautylish or Armour’s own website give any indication of just what sets Armour V apart from it’s two predecessors. But they sure are pretty.

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NYX Go-To Palettes.



I for serious wish that NYX would debut all their new stuff at once, you know, to save this princess from having to order like every flippin’ week.

I saw the Go-To Palettes on the site when I went to check my order status, for the last order that I had placed. They look remarkably like the Avant Pop Palettes so at first I didn’t realise that they were new. Like the Avant Pop Palettes, these are $17, but instead of having 12 shadows, you get six, a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer.

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