What’s New At The Drugstore+Dupe Alert! Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits.



Makeup Revolution has a bunch of new stuff available on the Ulta site, and I should stress though that it’s only new to Ulta because a lot of them have been available since late December, early January. These are obviously a dupe for the Kylie Lips Kits of which I own none, and never will, but the idea of having a perfectly paired lip liner without having to purchase it separately intrigues me so I got all the available colours. As of right now there are only five shades in the Retro Luxe Matte range available from Ulta. Noble, Echelon, Regal, Reign and Grandee.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Ulta Collection Illuminating Powders.



Unlike Sephora Collection products, Ulta branded products have never been a must try for me. I’ve gotten some items that I like from gift with purchase, but something always stopped me from getting anything else. Might have to do with the only two palettes that I’ve gotten being basura, or the fact that I don’t very much care for their packaging. Even though Sephora is also a store brand, I find their packaging much more pleasing to my sense of aesthetics and in the last two or so years, I’ve yet to try a product that was truly terrible or felt/wore like cheap makeup. I decided to get over myself and try some Ulta when I was doing my massive drugstore haul.

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In Today’s Edition of Stuff People Are Losing Their Natural Minds Over, Jouer Powder Highlighters.



Soooo…apparently these are a big deal. Such a big deal in fact that as soon as they get restocked, anywhere, they sell  right the heck out. But you know what? They can have mine, for real cause as much as I love Jouer, I do not love these highlighters in the least. I’ll explain why, but you know, wanted to put that right out there from the jump.

We have three shades of these, well really four, but the fourth is a mini limited edition so not really a part of this whole line-up. So why am I talking about it? Anyway, the shades these come in  are Topaz, an old favourite and two new shades in Rose Quartz and Citrine the one everybody is losing their minds over. That’s the one that can’t be kept in stock.

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My Arsenal Of Mixers and Foundation Adjusters.



Don’t worry, I still have a bunch of my drugstore (and other things I’ve hauled) stuff to review, I was just getting tired of it and decided to do a PSA instead.

I’ve recently become obsessed with foundation adjusters, which no one (but me) is surprised at right? The question to ask though is why didn’t this happen sooner? I mean as a lot of girls especially most brown girls can attest to buying foundations, particularly online usually nets you the wrong shade or the wrong colour, and if you’re really lucky, both. So it seems as if mixers are something that most of us should get behind or get cracking at right?

But which ones should you get? From which brand? And what the hell do they do again?

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The Vault: BH Cosmetics Metallic Liquid Lipstick & Nude Rose Highlighting Palette.



This post comes to you today, courtesy of being stranded in a parking lot and having to wait for a tow truck to come and rescue my butt. Luckily, I’m stranded in the parking lot of m favourite coffee shop so that takes some of the edge off. I usually do my posts from home, so I don’t know what made me take my laptop this morning when I came out to run errands, but thank goodness that I did. This though, was a post that I hadn’t really planned on doing maybe ever, but as it turns out these were the pictures that were already edited and on the laptop, everything else is on the portable, which I didn’t take with me. Clearly I’m having a really shite day.

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Ridiculous SpaceNK Lord & Berry Haul!



This was not the post that was to happen today, but I wanted to let you guys know about this so that you could get in while the getting is good because SpaceNK sales are like unicorns. They happen once, maybe twice a year. But when they do, they’re kind of ridiculous.

Like Beautylish, they’re a boutique cosmetics reseller, so think luxury brands like By Terry and some that you haven’t even heard of stateside. They have more brands than Beautylish, but there is some overlap. While their customers service is definitely on par with Beautylish, I’ve built a relationship with Beautylish over years and it feels less business-y so I tend to shop there more. So if you can imagine getting a foundation that normally costs $85 for $15 or $20, that would be a SpaceNK sale.

They’ve been having a sale for a couple of weeks now and it’s winding down, but you can still get some pretty awesome stuff. One of the brands that they currently have on sale is Lord & Berry, an Italian makeup brand that I’ve been wanting to try for eons. I’d see it on Hautelook, but I can never find reviews or swatches because for some reason only international bloggers seem to review it. In any case the prices right now are crazy, nothing is over $9. So you know I went a bit nuts yeah?

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What’s New At The Drugstore: All These Nyx Cheek Products.

I’d started this off by just doing a review on all the rest of my Nyx purchases, but it was getting extremely long and picture heavy so I split em up. Anywhoo…

My Nyx haul was all kinds of fail. Well the portion of it that came from Nyx itself was anyway. Ulta came through in about five days,  products perfectly intact. Nyx took 17 days and damn near everything was broken. Yeah. They were pretty nice about it though once I reached out to them on Twitter about the fiasco, by that point I was pretty hot having waited so long for broken products. They told me not to bother sending the broken items back, but they still gave me a full refund while letting me keep the unbroken items.

The Items that I’d gotten from Nyx were three of their Duochromatic Illuminating Powders ($8) and that shade of the Total Control Drop Foundation in Mocha which I’d come to realise would be the wrong colour. By the way, if anyone wants the Mocha shade to try, it’s unopened and up for grabs, just drop me an email.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lipsticks.



Are these new or just new to me? Whatever, it’s new. So how I wound up getting these is sort of funny. I was running around from Walgreens to Walgreens trying to find the newly launched Wet n Wild Cushion makeup and at the one stop where I did find them, there was also a new display of these as well. I bought four of these and four of the Wet n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks, they’re both $4.99.

When I got home, I tried the WnW ones and I didn’t hate them, but they were like every other liquid lipstick right? Then I tried these.

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Lancôme La Rose Spring Makeup Collection.



Lancôme’s spring launch is very…pink. Not really hard to imagine considering it’s themed la rose.I’m very familiar with Lancôme skin care products, but as far as complexion products, I’ve only ever used one foundation (that I loved) and a bronzer (that was eh), so I can honestly say that I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that the products looked stunning, and the gift with purchase was crazy. Like for real, look at this…

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What’s New At The Drugstore: L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation & Infallible Paints Blush Palette.



Ok, so first off the pictures for this post are all over the damn place. I purchased, returned, then repurchased a few items. Well, not a few. a lot. Things aren’t pictured together, and I even forgot to take pictures and swatches of some things. The disappointment was strong in this portion of the haul people. This was all part of the Ulta haul that I did a few weeks ago, which was kinda messy but Ulta loves me, so they fixed it instantly.

L’Oreal is the drugstore brand that I’m most familiar with, I tend to purchase everything new that debuts. I don’t always review it, but I do purchase a lot of it. With the exception of the Pro Glow, I’ve loved every foundation that I’ve tried. Enter this joker to ruin the love affair.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Wet n Wild Photo Focus Collection.



Another day, another foundation review. I’ve been hauling a lot of drugstore foundations and just drugstore products in general lately because they seem to be on the come up. We’ve been getting some really great options that are oftentimes better than high end brands. Now with some of that comes higher prices, Nyx in particular’s price points just keep climbing and I don’t really see the products getting significantly better, just prettier packaged.

I’ve always been leery of buying drugstore products, because for as pretty as they looked sometimes, they almost always turned out to be epically disappointing. Colour selection for foundations seemed to lack for darker skin tones and undertones. They came in red and redder. So before I went ahead and got the Wet n Wild collection, I searched for swatches but really couldn’t find any other than on YouTube. Lemme put it out there right now that I don’t trust most YouTube “beauty gurus”, bright ass lights can make anything look perfect. I finally came across the last three shades in the line swatched on Danielle of Style & Beauty Doctor, but I keep forgetting that Danielle is much darker than I am, so of course when I placed my order on the Wet n Wild website, I chose the wrong colour.

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What's New At The Drugstore: Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation Might Be A Giorgio Armani Maestro Dupe.



So you may have heard a bit of an uproar on social media over the new Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation. Everybody and their mama just had to get their hands on this thing, yours truly included. At first I, like everyone else, thought that this was something like the CoverFX Custom Cover Drops. But you know, reading is fundamental, and after reading I realised that it’s not. It’s just foundation people, Nyx is being real tricky and sneaky like with the way they named it.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Maybelline Master Studio Blush & Concealer Palettes.



Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve never used Maybelline Cosmetics? I mean granted I’ve only really just started using drugstore makeup, but you would think right? But nope.

What really made me pick up these items other than the fact that they were pretty as hell, was that when I did my drugstore haul from Ulta, they were having five times points on Maybelline, L’Oreal and Nyx. I was already gonna get a bunch of Nyx and L’Oreal stuff, so I figured why not. By the way, my drugstore haul cost about $125, but I got back $80 in points, so basically I paid about $45 for everything tax included. Ulta for the win, if they had more prestige brands, I wouldn’t need to shop at Sephora at all.

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