Anti Holiday-BH Cosmetics Marble Collection Palettes.



I find it patently ridiculous that with all the holiday items, many of them more grandiose, that this was the package that I was most excited to get in the mail. I think that a lot of it has to do with the aesthetic of the thing, these palettes are like nothing we’ve seen from BH so far.

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Holiday 2016: Jouer Essential Matte And Shimmer Palette



I really need to get my life together. My blogging schedule is for crap right now, which sucks cause this time of year is the wrong time to be falling behind for real. Anywhoo…

I’ve been loving every single thing that I’ve gotten from Jouer so far, which is a bit sad. Lemme explain. This is really about the importance of advertising and marketing.

What took me to the Jouer website in the first place, was a lip gloss that I’d gotten a Glossybox. For someone who dislikes gloss to like one enough to go check out the cosmetics company that made it, Well…that’s kind of a big deal. What I saw on the site made me want to explore more, and I signed up for emails, got a bunch about new launches and products. Was completely intrigued by the products, but never bought anything.

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Anti-Holiday 2016: Even Though I Said I’d Never Do It…



They made a blush palette (or three) so I had to.

Viseart is a French brand whose palettes are expensive as all hell, $80 for 12 shades of eye shadow is a little bit steep. Sure they’re supposed to be the most pigmented shadows you have ever or will ever use. They’re a Parisian art house brand, and beloved by MUA’s the world over. But it it worth $80 a pop? We boutta find out.

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Holiday 2016: Tarte Tarteist Paint Palette Collectors Set



This is the Tarte big boy this year. This one is an Ulta exclusive, there is another one that’s available at Sephora, but from all reports it sucks butt and the shadows have little to no pigmentation. I almost got it too, but once I’d seen this on Instagram along with the blush palette, I decided early on that those were going to be my Tarte Holiday purchases this year. So I held out thankfully, because the blush palette turned out really well.

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Holiday 2016: Smashbox Light It UP L.A. Lights Palette



Oh my god guys! I have such a backlog of products to review for you all. Three weeks ago my work schedule changed and I haven’t been able to write anything since then. Luckily, I was still taking pictures but not writing anything new, so I still have a lot of my vacation haul left to write about, plus a bunch of holiday stuff too. I’m gonna alternate them and maybe by December we can get through all of it, whaddya think? No? Probably not. By the way? If this doesn’t hit the airwaves till after 1? It’s cause I’m writing the night before and I’m hella sleepy so grammatical mistakes abound. And will need to be corrected.

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Skincare Obsessions: Tatcha Indigo Rice Enzyme Powder.



I’ve been more than a little skin care obsessed lately, and I’ve been purchasing and trying a lot of brands that I previously haven’t. Don’t worry I fully intend to share all of my little gems with you. I’ve always wanted to try Tatcha, something about the aesthetic of the brand appealed to me. The simplicity of the packaging as well as the ingredients list spoke to me.

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Holiday 2016: Sephora Collection



Sephora’s holiday sets are as pretty as they are prolific this year. These two babies were available for early access to VIB and VIB Rouge so I was able to snag them before they went on general sale. In addition to these two, there is another face palette, a blush palette, lip sets, lip and eye pencils and a host of other things. Some of which I picked up on Sunday morning from the website.

I had gotten most of the Sephora Holiday items last year and was pretty much completely disappointed in all of it since it all lacked pigmentation. Happy to say that’s not the case this year.

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Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Setting Spray



I have a rather contentious relationship with setting sprays. I want to use them, particularly in the the Georgia heat and humidity, but almost every setting spray that I’ve used has broken me out, and I’ve used a lot. The ones that haven’t broken me out were not only ineffective, but some of them seemed to exacerbate the oiliness. Like, if I’m using a mattifying spray, why does my face look dewy immediately after putting it on?

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Holiday Sets 2016: OK, So We’re Gonna Try This Again…Round 2 With A Tarte Blush Palette. Amazonian Clay Colour Wheel Blush Palette.



Holiday sets are making their way onto the scene slowly, but surely and it’s not even frikkin October yet. Just a note on that by the way. Last year I did almost all of the holiday sets from the majors brands, and to say most of it was a disappointment would be to live in understatement. This year, I’m not doing that. I will most likely get a few of the larger brands, but for the most part, I’ll be sticking with smaller brands, and most of the money that I’ve budgeted towards holiday sets, will probably go towards exploring brands that I’ve wanted to for some time now. Brands like Make Beauty, Honest Beauty and such. Too Faced is completely off my radar because everything looks exactly like it did last year, so…

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I Found The Perfect Sunscreen.



And that my friends is Colorescience whipped mineral sunscreen.

Do you know how hard it is as a brown chick to find an effective sunscreen that doesn’t white you out? Lemme tell ya, it’s hard, and that’s my excuse for slacking on sun care for almost a month, cause no one seems to realise brown people need sunscreen too. It may take the darker ones of us a little longer to get skin cancer, but we can and still do get it.  I had previously been using another sunscreen that I ran out of, but to tell the truth, I didn’t really like it all that much. Because it burned a little, it smelled terrible and I’m pretty sure it was slacking on the job since the driving side of my face would at times start to feel like leather.

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette Surreal Light…Umm…Hard Pass



c’moooonnn man!!

One step forward, five back huh? This palette was so much fail in one space that I just can’t. Forget about the size, I was prepared because even though last year’s didn’t bother me too much, I did say that it wasn’t worth the $80 price tag. This year, was all new colours and I’m not above throwing handfuls of cash at something that I really want.

I was rooting for you Hourglass, we were all rooting for you! And after the Vanish foundation, we breathed a sigh of relief cause yes, you finally got it. Nah, you didn’t. But review we shall.

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Bite Beauty Multisticks



Yes, yes. I know I’ve been MIA for about a week or so, but I’ve been feeling spectacularly emotionally battered, so I spent a crapload of money to haul Sephora and now I have loads of stuff to review for you. See how my pain becomes your pleasure? It’s a win for all involved I say.

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Collective Vacation Haul: Tarte’s Tarteist Lip Paints.



I got these from Omgmakeup on MUABS, I think I may have bought out her entire shop at this point. The Tarteist Lip Paints were peripherally on my radar for a while now. I mean I had other options and I couldn’t get a bead on whether they were truly matte or not, you know matte application but not a dry down? And I wasn’t about to pay $20 for the privilege of finding out. Cause we all know that I won’t return it no matter how much I hate it. I still haven’t returned the RF Kiss & Blush palette that I hate.

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Collective Vacation Haul: Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer… And What The Hell Do I Do With It?



I saw swatches of this online and I fell in love with it. I was all oohhh, liquid bronzer, yeah! I saw it swatched on fair skinned girls, medium skinned girls and dark skinned girls, each time it looked not only fabulous, but a wee bit sparkly and I am a toddler. Clearly people have been playing with the Photoshop and it’s knockoffs cause this…? 

Nars Laguna Bronzer is an iconic product. Everyone swears by it. As a darker skinned chick, you know bronzers are tricky, and since I’m by no means a Nars aficionado, I thought since everyone my complexion, lighter and in between loves this stuff… Ok, let’s break it down.

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New For Fall 2016: Kiko Milano Neo Noir Collection



Autumn is officially here. In makeup land anyway. It seems like every year the new collections debut earlier and earlier, soon we’ll be having Autumn in June, which you know, won’t suck because I tend to prefer the Fall offerings anyway cause the colour schemes are generally the ones that I prefer, because yes, I am a boring bitch.

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