All Kinky, Coily, Curly Girls! Mama Found You a Dry Shampoo!



How many have you have tried to use a dry shampoo to disastrous end results? ok, me too.

As someone that only washes their hair once a month, I was stoked when the dry shampoo phenomenon rolled into existence. But before you go all eeww Cleo that’s nasty, washing your hair only once a month? Yuck! I don’t know if ya’ll noticed, but I’m black. And my hair is naturally curly. Curly hair is so devoid of oil that washing it more often results in tremendous breakage. Also, curly hair by virtue of having less oil to work with, doesn’t hold on to smell in it’s natural state. In the winter time, when I straighten my hair, I have to wash more often because by mid-week everyday smells in it, and weirdly when I my hair is straight it’s good for about two, maybe three days, but by day four it’s greasy as hell. So once a month it is.

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Jouer LE Mermaid Collection.



This is my first bonafide Jouer purchase. I remember that I got a lip gloss in a Glossybox some time ago, and while I thought it was ok, I didn’t run out and get a bunch of stuff from the brand because I wasn’t all that impressed cause, I’m not a gloss kinda chick. And real talk? It seemed like a really white identified line. I was wrong, and I’m ok owning up to that.

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Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette



Let’s get this out the way right off the top. This palette and I are not at all getting along. This is the palette that everyone of saying is another Makeup revolution dupe for the Sweet Peach palette. While that might be true (I don’t really see it it looks more like the ABH Modern Renaissance to me), but hey, what do I know?

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HauteLook Joe Fresh (Canadian Drugstore) Haul.



Are you guys familiar at all with Joe Fresh? I mean, I know of the clothing side of the brand, I own a couple pairs of very unique jeans that I absolutely adore and I’d heard about their cosmetics line intermittently. The brand is a Canadian drugstore one, so being able to find it anywhere in the states is almost impossible, and while finding no shortage of Canadian bloggers that have reviewed the line, finding a dark skinned one proved to be impossible. I found not a one. A month ago Haute Look had a Joe Fresh for sale (they frequently have the brand this is the third time I’ve seen), and they had the entire line, everything priced between $4 and $11. I did some damage.

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ABH Modern Renaissance Palette.



I’ll tell you a little secret, or maybe it’s not such a secret, I routinely get rid of most of my makeup. I get so much stuff that I get overwhelmed and even though I like most of it, there are things that I tend to reach for much more. The things that are just swatched for a blog post and maybe used once, I may sell, or most likely I’ll just pack a couple boxes, take them in to work and leave them for the other ladies to go through. Some things though, I never get rid of. I Usually don’t get rid of my LE edition or Holiday items unless I truly hate them. Anything my husband buys me stays, no matter how I feel about it since I think it’s rude to give away a gift. And I never, ever get rid of my ABH palettes. Never. There is absolutely nothing that can get me to part with them.

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Makeup Revolution New Blush Melts & Blush Goddess Palettes



So apparently, I’ve developed quite the Makeup Revolution crush haven’t I?

These two blush palettes are also new launches, or at lease that’s what it said on the website, who knows sometimes brands leave “newly” launched things on front page for months.

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Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice Palette. Sweet Peach Dupe Maybe? Hmmm…

This one goes out to all the girls that wanted a Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and were unable to get one, because they were completely sold out everywhere in under five minutes. It goes out to all the ladies that were completely and utterly disgusted by the s&%tty marketing tactics employed by Too Faced in making this palette less than widely available. And this…is to all those people who purchased 10 palettes and turned around and sold them on eBay for over a hundred dollars. A giant FU especially to those a-holes.

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All Bases Covered; Blushes and Such.

Ok, so this is the second part and this is going to include some illuminators and illuminating finishing powders. Blushes as well, but like I mentioned before, I just tend to get blushes wherever without sticking to brand, high or low, so this is just going to be a list of the best performing lost cost blushes that I’ve found to date, with a few comparison. I’m not sure that I’ll be doing lipsticks or not, because to be honest, a huge chunk of the drug store lip products that I’ve gotten just do not perform all that great. If I do wind up doing that, it’ll be a much shorter post.

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Kiko Milano LE Lovegrove Summer Collection.



Isn’t that packaging to die for?!?!

So I’d told you guys that I did another Kiko haul right? I’d hauled their two new collections, The Artist and this one. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the hell packed this stuff because almost all of it came smashed to bits. Yeah, sad as hell cause the blush from this collection that came broken is hella pretty when applied, much more so than the one that survived intact. Kiko doesn’t send out replacements unfortunately, they just refund you and then you have to repurchase. Something I’m opting to not do at the moment, I may revisit it again, but I’m unsure. I really hate those refund and repurchase policies, particularly when it’s your fault that my damn stuff came broken. /rant.

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All Bases Covered; Liquid And Powder Foundations.

I usually do some sort of roundup at least once a year. Mostly. Sometimes it’s foundation, but mostly I’ve been doing a lot of skin care for the last few. Not that anything is wrong with that, but since I hoard foundations and blush, why not that instead? When I do a foundation roundup, it’s to say which ones I liked and didn’t like and why not. And that’s because often times I haven’t reviewed most of the of the foundations that I’ve bought. I’ve gotten better about that, so this time we’re gonna do something different. Since I’ve been experimenting more with drug store foundations, I figured that I would show you which ones compare to the mid-tier and luxury brands I’ve also purchased. I’m not going to go into the properties of each and why I like them or not, that would take way to long, and I’ve already reviewed most of them. Instead, I’ll give you the high end brands and the drugstore formulas that in my opinion correspond and add links to the reviews. Once again, my opinion, you may not agree. I’m not sure if I’ll be splitting them up into powders and liquids or what, that all depends on how long this particular post gets, we’ll see at the end. I was going to do blushes as well, but realised that for the most part, I don’t really purchase a lot of high end blushes cause I just love blush so I acquire them wherever I can. But we’re also gonna see how that turns out.

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Ciate London’s Hot And Perfect For Summer Palettes.



Ciate London, a brand known for their nail products threw their hat into the colour cosmetics ring this past holiday season with the Olivia Palermo Collection. Not bothering much with nail products, I almost missed the launch but for late night browsing. Since I didn’t know how the brand would fare on this the first excursion into face makeup territory, I held off getting anything until I heard more, although one of the palettes and just about all the lip products spoke to me.

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Because I Liked It So Much The First Time…



A few weeks back, after I’d done the Ulta haul I went in store to return the Bareminerals duo powder and look at the new UD Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette (which btw is gorgeous and I’m still on the fence about getting), and I noticed that they had the entire line of Makeup Revolution that they had online, in the store as well. This was a huge surprise to me because often with the less expensive brands, most items can only be found online. I Browsed and decided that I didn’t want more palettes (I hated the layouts out the ones I saw), but went ahead and picked up a few things anyway. I got two of the Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers, the The One Blush Stick in Matte Ruse, The One Highlight Contour Stick (really just a highlighter), and the One Contour Stick. I passed on getting a bronzer and a powder blush, but I may go back and get those, not sure as yet.

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When Something Seems To Work For Every Brown Girl… But You.


Those are the times when you feel wholly inadequate in your brown-ness and like something is just really very off about you, cause dang what’s your problem for real? And then you remember that all your (brown) girlfriends used to rave about MAC too, and that ish wasn’t too hot for you either. Yeah, so we’re talking about Sacha Cosmetics today. This brand out of Trinidad seems to be on the lips and HG lists of every brown beauty guru. I had heard about them for so long that I decided to do a haul.

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Experimenting With The Drugstore: Beauty Treats (Picture Heavy).



I can’t remember who exactly it was that I heard raving about this brand, but I was intrigued. Since I don’t use a lot of American drugstore brands  beyond the ones that are main stream and super popular, me not having heard of something is not really a surprise. When I went to check this brand out, I quickly learned that it has something of a cult following owing not only to it’s very inexpensive price points, but also to it’s highly pigmented, very functional products. Once again, I got almost every thing here from Beauty Joint. I can’t remember if I told you guys last post or not, but Beauty Joint’s shipping is ridiculous (starts at $14) for anything under $70, which is when they start offering free shipping, and so it just made sense for me to order the stuff that I wanted here even though I didn’t get everything that I wanted.

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Experimenting With The Drugstore: Jordana (Picture Heavy)

So I went through that little high end binge a bit back right? But then I decided that I needed to give some drugstore stuff a fighting chance because not all of it is terrible. One of the things that I’ve tended to stay away from in the drugstore realm is foundations. A lot of WOC can tell you that finding a good match in drugstore brands can be a little bit of a nightmare. Ok, a lot bit. I seem to have a particularly hard complexion and undertone to match, even with mid-tier brands I have a very hard time. I usually have to mix and match or use powders and other things to compensate or adjust so that a foundation looks just right on me. When I started using Tarte foundations again and found that the ones with peach undertones matched me best, I was confuzzled. I mean, I’d spent a really long time knowing that my undertones were golden, so what was up with that?

Lemme tell you a story. I went to a colour theory class out here in Atlanta a few weeks back, and the makeup artist dude that was teaching the class experimented on me a bit and told me that my undertones weren’t a true golden. They’re a golden peach. Mind. Blown. Oh, totally unrelated, but sorta related, this makeup artist was Asian and the only times I’ve ever been colour matched for anything correctly, the only times I’ve ever walked out of any place with my makeup done correctly, it’s always been an Asian MUA and I have absolutely no idea what that’s about.

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