BareMinerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo & Dual Finish Brush



First off, I want to apologise for the dismal condition of some of the photos. My camera broke and I had to send it in for repairs, thus resulting in my using my very old phone camera to take the remainder of the pictures, now…

This thing was such a colossal pain in the butt. I had to actually purchase this twice. Why you ask? Ok, lemme tell you. You know that magazine that Ulta sends out? It had this listed as part of a set with the new Duo Brush. Well, when I got mine…there was no brush, so I called and they told me that the couldn’t send a brush out to me  if it had been part of a set, but here was a nice $10 gift card for all my troubles…

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Pur’s Absolutely Brilliant New Strobing Palette.



So we’re still calling over highlighting ourselves strobing then? Hmm, okie dokie.

Well, for those of us that like to pretend as if we’re an understudy for a disco ball, Pur Cosmetics has got you covered.

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Kiko Milano Would Be That Bridge You’d Jump Off If Your Friends Asked You To



Like the post title suggests, I did a Kiki Milano haul cause everybody else was. The Italian based cosmetic company with the ridiculous following overseas, had become a blogger and vlogger darling and overnight sensation. Some enterprising individual realised that one of their single shadows was a dupe for discontinued cult classic highlighter, Whisper Of Gilt by MAC and that was all it took for people to start taking notice stateside.

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About Face

I hate shopping for skincare.

Skincare shopping is the bane of my already tortured existence. Why? Well with makeup it’s mostly easy right? You’ve got colour, undertone and then you’re checking to make sure that there aren’t any ingredients that will end your face in ruination. That’s it.

Skincare is a whole different beast. If you have super sensitive skin, and you do your research, it can become not only an exhaustively long search, but very expensive. If it’s moisturisers you’re after you’re good if your skin stays pretty much the same year round. If you swing in either direction more sharply at any time of the year, you’re probably looking at two to three different moisturisers, serums and washes. Not to mention, you have to find just the right balance that works for your skin. Good lord, can I just get a one and done? Apparently not so much.

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Out Damned Spot! Out I Say!





Lady Mcbeth was talking about blood, ya girl is talking about hyperpigmentation.

Listen, the hype is real ya’ll.

You ever read reviews from bloggers or a website and you’re all like “nah, all those reviews can’t be legit” ? Let me just put it this way, the day Valentia sends me a product that either doesn’t work or I have an allergic reaction to it, my world is gonna implode. Flowers will cease to bloom, puppies and babies will no longer be adorable and cuddly and I’ll give up on beauty entirely. Ok, well maybe not that last part, that’s just too drastic. What I’m trying to say is everything they’ve sent me so far has been wondrous.

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Soap & Glory Glow All Out Illuminating Finishing Powder, Plus Too Faced Candlelight Glow In Warm Glow.



This is another product from my Ulta platinum haul. I’m new to this brand as I’ve never tried any Soap & Glory products. They’re like the British drugstore version of Benefit with a very retro look and feel. Colour wise, they’re about as inclusive it seems, which means not really. In any case it was there and at only $15 each, I had a hard time choosing between this, and two blushes from the brand. Since I’m rapidly becoming a finishing powder/highlighter fiend I went with this.

According to the brand, this is a super illuminating powder. You can use it as an all over finishing powder or as a highlighter. It’s a peachy coloured powder and I was really surprised at the amount that I got for the price. It’s about as big the Too Faced Candlelight powder, which I also got in this same haul, but it has .04oz less product.



Like most British/European products in the foundation and powder category, I found this to be very very subtle. I don’t think that I realised just how subtle it was till I swatched it next to the Too Faced Candlelight powder. It blends well and easily. Because of how subtle it is, there’s very little room for error. That swatch below is heavily heavily applied.



This was meant to be a post about the Soap & Glory powder, but just for funsies, I’m going to add the Too Faced Candlelight powder in Warm Glow as well since I’ve been talking about it. I loved the original Absolutely Invisible Candlelight powder. It was great for an all over glow as well as highlighting. Although because it was so shimmery, it was easy to go overboard. When they discontinued it in favour of the duo powder, I kept meaning to get it, but the pink part of that powder made me hesitate. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to use it as an all over powder because of the pink in it.

When the Warm Glow debuted earlier this year I knew there was a reason why I’d waited. This powder is also a duo, but the pink section has been replaced by a peachy gold shade.




This is really good for highlighting. As with the original powder, it’s easy to get carried away when using it as an all over powder, it’s just not at all subtle and that’s not my thing. If it is however your thing, have at it. Swatches below.



For an all over glowing effect, I definitely prefer the Soap & Glory powder, it adds just the right amount of natural looking glow. It’s pretty good for highlighting as well, but if I want a stronger, more noticeable highlight (which I almost never do), I’d reach for the Candlelight. The first picture below is me wearing the Soap & Glory as an all over powder. Look at dat glo doh! The second is the Too Faced Candlelight, peachy gold section as a highlighter.


Edit: the lipstick I’m wearing here is Lena Lashes Liquid Lipstick in Michael, with MAC Cork as lip liner.

Final Thoughts.

Both of these are very good highlighters , depending on what you’re looking to accomplish. Personally the Soap & Glory is much more my speed, but you guys know my stance on how I wear my makeup. If you can tell, I’m doing it wrong. For me, at $15 the Soap & Glory is also better value, but once again, it depends on your preference. if like me you prefer a more subtle approach, then the Glow All Up powder is for you, if you want something a bit more dramatic, then go with Too Faced. Or hell, they’re both pretty girls, get em both!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palettes



I’ve been doing a lot of high end hauling lately, and while it’s been fun discovering the benefits, differences and advantages of luxury products, I realise that not everyone can or is willing to hand over hundreds of dollars for just a few pieces. Trust me, I’m also a fan of getting a whole bunch of stuff for $80 versus just getting one thing. When my boxes arrive and I open them to a bunch of stuff, my happy place gets happier. So I decided to take it down a thousand and bring you guys some really awesome drugstore products that only really differ from higher end ones in the form of their price tags, starting with these.

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A Sexy 3Sum With Guerlain, Lingerie And All



After my great experience with the Guerlain Meteorites compact, I decided that maybe I needed to explore the brand a bit. I actually had one thing tucked away in the back of my “Never Gonna Use But What The Hell Do I Do With It” drawer, we all have one, don’t front.

This is something that my mum had given me a while back, I want to say a year ago, but it may have been longer, the plastic on the box hadn’t even been removed. To tell the truth I have no idea where she got it, she and my sister disappeared for like a week to Miami I think and she came back with this knowing my finishing powder obsession, but like I said at the time I’d thought of Guerlain as a very dated brand, and getting it from my mum did nothing to diminish that perception.

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Tarte LE Tarteist Blush Palette.



I got this as part of my Ulta Platinum Haul, this isn’t going to be an overly long post as there isn’t a whole lot to say beyond ranting and screaming. I bought, I saw, I was epically disappointed.

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Lena Lashes More Matte Than Matte Liquid Lipsticks.



I think I’m low-key trying to own all the liquid lipsticks. This might be my desperate cry for help.

I first heard of Lena Lashes liquid lipsticks through social media cause does anyone do actual adverts anymore? Like do brands hire PR firms and have advertising budgets still? I mean more power to them cause Bloggers and Vloggers are free (for the most part) so…Anywhoo, I saw these swatched by Jackie Aina on her YouTube channel that I follow. I love Jackie, she’s funny as hell, she’s honest and she’s not afraid to tackle the big stuff like representation in the beauty industry, perceptions of beauty. Unlike a lot of beauty guru’s she’s fearless and unapologetic.

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Lorac Colour Source Buildable Blush. All Shades Swatched.

Lorac Colour Source Blush


I absolutely had not planned on doing a post for these because one, I wasn’t very interested in them to be honest, and two, I’m not a fan of Lorac cosmetics, I’m not sure why. I think I had one bad experience with a Christmas set and was like next! So…

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Let Me Explain To You Why I’m Obsessed With Le Metier de Beaute Flawless Finish Foundation



This is possibly the foundation to end all foundation hunts. I promise you. The Le Metier de Beaute Flawless Finish foundation promises you all kinds of magic in a bottle, and it delivers.

The brand is really famous among makeup enthusiasts for the Kaleidoscope makeup kits, that run over $100 most of the time. I personally didn’t care for the Kaleidoscopes, I just didn’t like the packaging or the format. But I had heard that they had a beauty subscription (that will run you $348 up front for the whole year), called the vault and I wanted to check it up so I went to the website. By the time I got to it, the subscription was closed for the year, but they had items from previous boxes for sale. I personally didn’t know that their cosmetics range was so large, but picked up a few things one of them being this foundation. Of course based on the colour descriptions on the site, I got the wrong shade, but I legit don’t even care.

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By Terry’s Impossibly Beautiful Sun Designer Palette.



I told you guys that I wasn’t giving up on the By Terry Brand, I’m sorry it’s just too pretty. This was the palette that I’d mentioned I was waiting to get. I was waiting because this sucker is expensive, $82. Yeah, for a minute I just could not wrap my head around that. The is part of the Sun & Cruise Spring/Summer line that also includes sheer plumping balm lipsticks in some sexy colours and a $116 bronzer serum thingy that briefly made me loose my mind and consider making it mine.

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Tarte Double Duty Beauty Eye & Cheek Palette.



This is the only item that I’d picked up from the Double Duty line. If you remember I’d said that I didn’t care for most of the line, and I don’t but these two little palettes were just so cute that I couldn’t resist. The one that I got, Sultry Star Power, I chose simply because the blush looked doable for my skin tone. I wasn’t really sold on the colours in the palette, but as usual Tarte outfoxed me with their eye shadows.

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Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Blush or Fluid Sheer?



Did I mention where I’m completely obsessed with Giorgio Armani? I mean, two of my favourite foundations are Armani, and for a long time I wanted to try the Fluid Sheers, but I couldn’t really figure out what they were at first. Where they blush? Luminiser? What the heck are they?!?! Then they’re truly huge, a little over an ounce for $62, plus with 18 shades my confusion just blossomed and I sort of gave up on trying to narrow down the perfect shade, since I wasn’t going to get three or four at that price point.

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