L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer



I’d picked these up at iKatehouse when I bought the L.A. Girl Lip Glazes. Like I said, I got them because everyone was raving about them and I wanted to see if they lived up to all the hype.

I got three colours, Fawn, Chestnut and Beautiful Bronze. On the site, the colours are not actually swatches of the product, but sort of a cartoony representation of what each colour looks like. Fortunately, I had already scoped out the colours from Chloe’s Makeover, a blogger with skin-tone similar to mine, so I thought I knew which colours to pick up.

Fawn I got for under eye highlighting and concealing, and although I wasn’t sure based on the colours which ones I should get, I purchased Chestnut for spot concealing, and Beautiful Bronze for light contouring. First let me say that the colours are way lighter in person than they look in pictures, yeah I should know that already, so I can’t actually use Beautiful Bronze for contouring cause it’s too close to my complexion.

The tube that it comes in is a squeeze tube with a brush on the end that I like because it makes application easier and that’s one less frikkin brush I have to wash.




What I don’t like is that the formula has a tendency to separate, and sometimes when I squeeze the tube all that shoots out at first is water. The first time that happened, I had it up to my face and it shot water straight into my eye. The second time it happened, yesterday, it shot not only water, but brown liquid all over my other foundation bottles, and the tan walls of the bathroom, in the house that I rent.. There goes my bloody deposit. After that, it came up clumpy and way too much. No amount of massaging the tube beforehand fixes it, because of that I’m pretty sure these won’t last very long cause if the water that keeps it moist is mostly gone, it’s just going to dry out and harden.

The second thing that I don’t like is that the brush attachment keeps trying to escape from the rest of the tube. When you squeeze, after a few uses, the brush attachment is halfway out of the tube and you have to push it back in. I’ve flirted with the idea of just super gluing that sucker in there, but I’m afraid of ruining it somehow, cause I’m really good at that.

Two of the colours that I got obviously have yellow undertones. Beautiful Bronze though has more neutral in the undertones even though they don’t come across in the pictures, and it’s more of a warm neutral anyway so I’ve been able to use it without too much issue.




Fawn is good for under eye highlighting, but surprisingly enough, although it looks so very light in the swatches, I can use it for spot concealing if I use it very lightly. Although I think that by January when all my summer colour is gone, I’ll be able to use it normally.

Beautiful Bronze is slightly too dark  although I’m just coming off of summer skin, and the undertones are sort of wrong being neutral, but I still think it will work great in the summer time. 

Chestnut is almost dead on my skin tone match, so much so that you can only just barely distinguish it from my skin in the swatch. It might be just a tad darker than my skin, but not so much that it’s noticeable and once it blends in, it’s seamless.

According to L.A. Girl;

Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

Yep to all of that. It does cover very completely, looks totally natural and I couldn’t feel it on my skin at all. And once it set, it didn’t budge until I took it off later on that night.

Ok, I’d just like to say  that I don’t have the best luck with concealers, especially under my eyes. My dark circles are such that they almost always peek through any concealer that I use, except for Sleek Luminaire. Plus, because I have to use a concealer with a yellow base, sometimes the circles under my eyes can turn green, not a good look. With concealers for spot correcting, they usually for some odd reason either have a white base that looks unnatural and shows through my foundation. One concealer from Inglot had the best formula, and the colour was so perfect that I almost cried, really I did. But, it turned whitish on me, and I don’t dare use it under my eyes. Plus for some odd reason, it gets these little black veins in it that scare the mess out of me, so I never use it.

I did have those problems with Fawn under the eyes  as well, just not as badly as I normally do. I tend not to use it too much anyway, but I did use it for these pictures so you can see it in action. It doesn’t always work, particularly when I’m super tired, and my circles are more prominent. But when it does work, it’s flipping spectacular, and the way that I mostly use it is not just for under the eye. I will usually bring it down onto the tops of my cheekbones to brighten up my entire face. I find when I do that though it interferes with my highlighter some. So yeah, It’s not going to put my Sleek out of business any time soon, in fact I have one on the way from London as we…em…type?

In the pictures below, I’m only wearing my BlackUp Fluid Foundation in FL07, my favourite foundation cause it’s light and simply looks like my skin. It doesn’t provide a tonne of coverage though. I’d probably classify it as light-medium coverage at best. I’m also not wearing any concealer under the eyes.


DSC_1468 (1)DSC_1466


You can still see the hyperpigmentation spots on my forehead and cheeks, the darkness around my mouth and the dark circles under my eyes. In the pictures below, I’m using Fawn under the eyes and Chestnut for spot correction and around my mouth. I did however forget to use it on my forehead, mostly because those spots have started to fade so I forgot about them. I was more concerned about the cheeks because I was about to do a blush look and I’ve found that my blushes look so much better when the spots are concealed and not providing a distraction.




Finished look with translucent powder, brows filled in and shaped, liner and mascara. You can still see the spots on my forehead, and my under eyes aren’t completely covered like it would be with the Sleek, but everything else is kinda flawless. Especially in comparison with the photos above.


Final Thoughts

This concealer is flipping excellent. It works better for spot concealer than every other concealer that I own because it doesn’t go white, and shamefully, they all cost on average at leas $15. This costs $2.99. I mean what else is there to say? With 18 colours, I’m sure almost everyone can find a colour for whatever they need from under eye brightening to spot concealing to contouring. At $2.49 (iKatehouse) you can totally afford to get a whole bunch of them to experiment with, in fact, iKatehouse has the entire set of all shades for $38.99.

The Vault: NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer and Renew Q10 Skin Elixir.


So these chaps are late to the party. I’d gotten these in June, about two months after I’d done the Spring Collection post. In that post I’d reviewed the Angel Veil primer which I’d hated, but I still needed a primer, and a serum, so when I saw these I went ahead and got them. This isn’t going to be an overly long post since these are pretty straight forward.

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Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore. Skincognito Stick Foundation.



Gaaah! I did it! After a year and some, I finally caved and got me some Flower. Lemme explain doh!!

I love Drew Barrymore, I mean lurve! I’ve seen everything that she’s been in. I dunno, she just looks like she has a great spirit about her. You know one of those people that you see and you just wanna be friends with them? Yeah, Drew!

So when I heard she was debuting a line, I was so frikkin excited! Until it was announced it was a Walmart exclusive. Walmart! Of all freakin places Walmart? Ugh! Come one Drew, you’re killing me.

I hate Walmart. I hate the very idea of Walmart. But I love Drew, so I caved. For some reason, I just kind of knew that the products would be great, dunno why, I just did. They lived up to an exceeded all my expectation, so of course I went nuts. So now, split posts.

As to the Walmart thing, on the one hand, I can understand why. She said the wanted to produce high end, quality cosmetics at an affordable price. And when people think affordable, they think , Walmart. So yeah, I get it.

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My Beauty Addiction, and The Dupe List. Very Very Picture Heavy.



Alright lovelies, today we’re gonna talk about My Beauty Addiction and the colours that are either close, or dead on dupes for some of the hottest colours of the season from OCC and KVD. I’m pretty sure that Sherrie, the owner and creator of My Beauty Addiction didn’t intend for her colours to be viewed as dupes, particularly since they were around before both OCC and KVD’s versions of them.

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Kat Von D, OCC, And The Case Of The Strangely Wearable Lip Colour.

So, I was listening to After The Disco on loop while writing this post, and it seemed absurdly appropriate considering these here colours. If you haven’t heard After The Disco, I highly recommend purchasing from Amazon, and listening to it while looking at these pictures, it’s kinda hilarious. Or maybe I’m just weird. Probably. Moving on…

This season has got to be The Season of The Outlandish Lip Colours, yep capitalised.

From OCC’s Unknown Pleasures collection, to Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Lipsticks, we’ve been introduced to some at times stunning, if disbelief inducing colours. The most popular colours this season seem to be the ones that aren’t slated for everyday wear. Yet everyone seems to want to own then, and yes, wear them as much as possible.

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On Being A Pessimistic Bitch, Or The Death of Hope At Starbucks

I’d had the most awesome ever post planned for today, but, in the famous words of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air…what had happened was…

Me, that’s what the heck happened. For some reason, all week long I’ve been mistaking the days of the week, for other days of the week. Go figure. Anyway, I kept putting stuff off and before you know it, it was Thursday, but I thought it was Friday, and hilarity ensued. So, I never made it to Sephora in time, swatches didn’t get swatched, pictures weren’t taken, it’s just a mess.  I’ll make it today though. I promise,  I have to pass Sephora to get home, and since it’s Friday (it actually is this time), if I don’t do it today then I won’t be able to do it until Monday. I’m actually in a coffee shop down the street writing this, so as soon as I’ve done mainlining, I’ll head up the road.

Speaking of coffee shops leads me to the reason that I’m even writing a post today, with no product to talk about. I’ve been re-reading some of my posts the last few days, I tend to do that sometimes to see if my writing has changed, what I can improve on, this is what told me that my posts were too long.

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Iman Cosmetics…And Hello DooBop! Picture Heavy Post.



If I had a penny for every time someone told me to try Iman cosmetics, I’d have a few grand stashed away somewhere. I’ve been hearing this since I started wearing makeup, way back when the line launched, I think in 2002 or 2003. At the time, this was one of the very few modern lines of cosmetics available to women of colour. Unfortunately for me, the line was comprised of mostly red undertoned shades, couple that with reports from all my friends that had tried it feeling like it was too heavy (this was from chicks that wore MAC which is hella heavy), and I wasn’t really interested all that much.

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L.A. Girl New Lip Glaze Colours. Picture Heavy



Earlier this year, right after Too Faced debuted their Melted Lipsticks, L.A. Girl debuted their own version. You can read my review of the original six colours here, but I’ll just go ahead and say that I preferred the L.A. Girl ones because they were much much warmer than the Too Faced ones, and at $4 each all six of them cost only $3 more than one Melted lipsticks.

Fast forward a few months and L.A. Girl has released 12, yep a whopping 12 new shades of their lip glazes. The new twelve are evenly distributed between cool and warm colours, and they’re the same price as before.

I picked up the six warm shades from iKatehouse.com, a Cherry Culture sort of site that sells drugstore brands, often for even less than the retail price. Case in point, I got these six for $15.99. The retail price of all six is $24, so $8 dollars less. If you buy them like this. iKatehouse has all the lip glazes arranged quite nicely in sets. They have the first six in a set of it’s own, and the 12 new shades are arranged in a cool set and a warm set. Once again, you don’t have to purchase them this way, you can get them singly, it’ll just cost you regular price, clicking on the links will take you directly to each set. I also picked up three of the Pro HD Concealers since I’ve been hearing people rave about them. So in all with shipping, my entire order was $27. 41.

I’m not going to go into too much detail on the lip glazes, for that you can see my original review here. I’ll just go over the basics, they need to be applied rather precisely, with a brush preferably since the texture is sort of watery, they take a little bit to set, they do last a few hours when they finally do, and they leave a stain behind.

My package from iKatehouse was so very cute. A lot of times when you purchase from these sorts of places, the packaging isn’t very neat or carefully done.  One of the many reasons I hate Cherry Culture is because their packaging is janky, like they want you to be aware that you haven’t bought high end cosmetics. A lot of care went into this package, it was tightly bound, and the glazes had been vacuum sealed in one bag and the concealers in another.




So let’s just get into the pictures. I didn’t take a lot of full face pictures because I just didn’t have the time to do so. But I did some arm swatches so you can see how the colours interact with warm undertones. The second picture is with flash.





Tempt – Deep Blackened Berry.



I actually took full face pictures of Tempt because it’s probably my favourite of the bunch. I thought that it would be more of a purple from the tube, nope. So now I have yet another blackened berry/burgundy colour. It could be worse. This one applies the best out of all the shades and dries fastest as well. The other two that apply very well are Seduce and Daring, so the darker colours it seems.


DSC_1402_20141006143018587DSC_1403_20141006143122497 collage_20141007012228117



Feisty – True Orange.





Tease – Mid-Tone Pink with Silver Glitter



This colour is probably my least favourite of the bunch. It’s not the colour but the glitter. It’s really chunky and kind of uncomfortable to be honest. You can feel it sliding around your lips, and by the way, what the hell am I? A 12 year old pre-teen? It looks kinda weird in all honesty when it’s applied because the glitter makes it a patchy application, I may have mentioned a time, or twenty that I’m pretty hairy, and you can clearly see where it gets stuck in the hairs on my arm in the swatch below. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty and without the chunky glitter it’s probably one of the few pinks that I can wear. But the damn glitter is a deal breaker, just the few minutes that I wore it for this picture made me know that I wouldn’t be wearing it. Ever.





Daring – Deep Purple Violet.



This is my second favourite. It’s a soft purple with slight red undertones. The undertones may be more neutral or blue actually, because in real life it looks more like a deep violet.This was one of the ones that I took full face pics of because I was wearing it the day I was taking pictures for the Nars multiples post.






Seduce – Soft Pinky Purple.



This is my third fave. It’s a pinky purple, not really suitable for every day, but for a night of bar or club hopping, it works.




Gleam – Muted Orange Bronze with Gold Sheen.



This was a real surprise for me. I generally tend to stay away from bronzy lip shades, they’re often too frosty and clash horribly with my skin tone, go figure. This one however was so very soft that it looks more like a neutral in real life. The full face picture actually makes it look very frosty when it isn’t, it actually kind of fades against my skin. I think the orange in it is what makes it work with my undertones so well.





Final Thoughts.

Just like the first time, I’m totally not disappointed in the purchase of these. For a fraction of the price or more prestige brands, you get really good colours that last for some time, and pretty much work the same way. If you do decide to pick these up, you should get them from iKatehouse, but they sell out really quickly, so I would hurry if I were you.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturising Oil



I find myself at odds with the brands that I thought I knew lately. With the Sephora serum, I loved it even though I don’t like Sephora skincare at all.

Now this. While it doesn’t suck, I just don’t care for it in the way that I worship most Fresh products.

I got this when Sephora was offering their oil sample promo. I’ve been wanting to try a new moisturising oil for a long time since the one I used to use was discontinued and I haven’t been able to replace it with another. So I got it along with the Regenerating Oil Serum.

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The Vault: Ilia Cosmetics



First, lets talk about what The Vault is.

Ok, so the vault is going to be all the things that I’ve planned on blogging, gotten, and for whatever reason, didn’t. A few things may have happened to the items in the vault, and they generally span the time between last summer and this past one. Yeah, I know, lame Cleo.

Sometimes, like I’ve said before, I get overwhelmed. Other times, a whole slew of new things come out that I want to try, so items that I’ve been planning on blogging get left behind, and then I just forget about them. So first up, Ilia Cosmetics.

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Repurposing And Reuse. Plus Tips And Tricks For The Sensitive Skin Chick.



We probably all have subscriptions to different beauty bags and boxes. Or you know how you go to Sephora, Ulta or Department stores and they give you all those little sample packets? So we probably also all have a bunch of little samples laying around that are either, too small to have any effective use. Or we have something else that we prefer, or even more we just don’t like the scent or something.

One of the things that I’ve started doing using them in a way very different from how they were intended, because hey, why not? Instead of having ten million boxes of unused samples laying around, this way I can work my was through the pile and get some use out of the money I spent to get them.

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(Over)Hauling Becca Part Three. Pressed Shimmer Powders.



I’d planned on doing these powders in the same post as the blushes, but that post was getting too long.

This will be short, as there really isn’t all that much to say about them, other than they’re great.

These powders are multi-use. You can use them as either highlighters or all over finishing powders to add a bit of glow to the complexion. There are eight colours, or at least, there were eight. I’m pretty sure they’ve been discontinued in favour of the Pressed Shimmering Perfectors, as I haven’t been able to find them on the Becca site for either continent, but if you check my other Becca posts, you can find the link to Palm Beach Cosmetix on eBay, she has most of the colours available, and as a bonus she sells them in refills and in the compact, so you can get them for between $5.99 and $12.

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Cosmetics Company Store Mini-Haul



Did you guys know that there was a place that you can find discounted and discontinued MAC, Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder products for 30% off retail? If you didn’t, don’t worry about it, until about three weeks ago neither did I.

The Cosmetics Company Store is basically a place where you can find almost any brand that falls under the Estee Lauder umbrella. These can range from cosmetics to hair care. They can usually only be found in places where there’s an outlet mall. I didn’t even know there was an outlet mall about 15 minutes from my house. I went there to get to Saks Off Fifth, and as I was leaving I noticed this very tiny cosmetics section tucked into the corner.

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Sephora Super Regenerating Oil Serum



So, I always say that I don’t know why I bother to purchase Sephora brand products, particularly the skincare items, because more often than not they suck, big time. I’ve gotten, moisturisers, serums, washes, you name it, I’ve pretty much hated all of it. The only thing that I seem to like, is their lip products.

A while back I’d gotten a sample of the Super Regenerating Oil Serum, cause I was looking for a less expensive alternative to the Stila Lightsource, and I felt that the Valentia had plateaued, it just wasn’t doing anything new for my skin. It’s managed to fade most of the discolouration on my left cheek, but it wasn’t doing anything else, and winter is coming so I need a brightening serum. Enter Sephora Super Regenerating Oil Seum. From the website;

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Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette. The Comparison Post.

This post was published over a month ago. Somehow or the other, it got deleted from the blog. I think I took it down to make corrections, thought that I’d put it back up, but didn’t, duh. So if you’ve already seen this, it’s not new. If you haven’t, have fun!




As promised, here is a more in depth look at the coastal scents Revealed 2 Palette complete with looks and swatches. Now, I sent my UD palette back, so I’m making these comparisons based on memory and pictures of swatches that I took for the N3 post. Somewhere along the way, I realised that I had never swatched Mugshot form the UD palette. Hmmm, go figure.

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