The Ten Minute Routine.

Yay! New laptop!


Ok, so this may take you slightly more than ten minutes, but it shouldn’t take you more than fifteen. I timed myself, I’m generally a slow-poke, and it took me between eleven and thirteen minutes. All of these are designed to get you out the door looking great with minimal effort and using minimal products. There are some things that aren’t going to change like liner or mascara, but the thing that you’ll need most of all is a foundation that you can use without primer, or one that’s especially forgiving to your skin. I like the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation, because it allows me to skip the step of using a finishing powder, and because it still looks great with no primer. And, we’re using our fingers for everything, using different brushes adds time, but you will need a damp and a dry paper towel handy to clean fingers between applications, also, filled in brows are optional. if you have decent looking brows you can forgo it, or a wax stick will not only keep them in place but add some depth to the colour. For this, since we’re not going to be using any finishing powder, you want to use a very good, skin tone concealer that stays put. I personally love the L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealers for that.

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I’ve Been Hacked!

Yes friends, it’s happened to me too.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been having a really weird time of it. The first thing to happen was someone hijacked my Google Voice number and started calling random folks in California. These lovely souls called me back because it showed up on their phones as a missed call. I deleted the Google Voice number. And the hijackers started using my actual number. So for the last two weeks I’ve been unable to use my phone because I was getting at least forty of these callbacks a day.

Finally the nice folks at T-Mobile decided to investigate and give me a brand new phone. But a few days ago, before they could do that, the same folks it seems, hacked my PayPal and reloaded a Starbucks card for a lot of money. So I had to shut down my PayPal, and cancel all the cards associated with it. Meaning, all but one credit card which was only about a day or two old.

Seeing as everything stemmed from or led back to my over ten year old Gmail account, I had to assume that my laptop was also compromised. I chucked it, and ordered a new one yesterday. So I’ve been without a laptop for about four days now, which is why no posts.

I finally got my new phone today, downloaded all the necessary apps including WordPress from which I’m now writing this. So far I haven’t received more than two California calls, fingers crossed it stays that way, seems the decision to get a new phone was the right one. My new laptop will be arriving in a few, and I’ll have new posts up in a jiffy.

Until then…

Cargo Summer In The City Palette



You can blame catching up on season two of Orphan Black for the lack of a post yesterday. I got so caught up in being in love with Helena and all her crazy, that I spazzed on uploading this post, on to the business at hand.

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Kevyn Aucoin for Spring 2015



Kevyn Aucoin Beauty isn’t quite as prolific as some other brands. They don’t release a host of new things for each season, they may release something for spring or fall, but the few items that they do release are stellar.

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Becca Bronzing Skin Perfector.



The perpetual expansion of my Becca collection continues.

This little gem here, was something of a pleasant surprise. I wound up getting this totally by accident. I meant to get one of the Shimmering Skin Perfectors instead. I had resolved to sell this without ever actually opening, but you know me, curious cat, I had to at least see what it was about. And by the way, my goal is to own all of the Shimmering Skin Perfectors.

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BH Cosmetics Missy Lynn Palette: Review and Giveaway



I did a BH Cosmetics haul recently and one of the things that I picked up was the Missy Lynn Palette. BH is always doing collaborations with bloggers and vloggers, I’ve always seen the palettes, but I was never interested in any of them, the colours just never appealed to me. Until the Missy Lynn Palette.

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Too Faced Cocoa Contour



Sooooo…contouring is a thing. No, really I promise. So much so that all the makeup brands are getting into the game with the their own palettes.

I mentioned a while back that I wanted to start practicing some light contouring, so I’ve been looking high and low for a good contouring palette. I’ve looked at and swatched the new Becca Highlight/Lowlight compact, Laura Mercier, Kevyn Aucoin, you name it. They’re all perfectly wonderful palettes, and I should have been able to find something. The problem then? Most of these all in one palettes don’t make shades dark enough for darker skinned ladies, so…it’s been a bit of a challenge to say the least.

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It’s Summer In Too Faced Land Again!



Oui filles, it’s that time of year again. The time when, although the temperatures haven’t skyrocketed as yet, Too Faced is already heating up the scene with their pretty pops of colour. I don’t know one girly girl at heart who doesn’t wait to see just what the Misters Blandino and Johnson have in store for us each season. Seriously, I just wanna go to Too Faced head office and play in the makeup. All of it. I want to walk out wearing every single bit of it.

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The Vault: Sephora Black Friday Haul, KVD Lipsticks


This post has taken a ridiculously long time, I’m aware. The reasons? Well, I wanted to do comparisons, but then a wealth of other things hit me in a deluge right after I got them, one of which was my new job. I wanted to do full face pictures of all the shades, but I couldn’t wear these shades to work, but I didn’t have the time to apply (cause I was just barely on time most days), take picture, remove and then reapply, plus by the time I got home it was dark, so… here we are now.

On black Friday I had gotten three KVD liquid lipsticks in Berlin, Vampira and L.U.V.

DSC_1621 (1)


I had wanted L.U.V. for a long time because I saw so many people wearing it and it looked great. I got Vampira because I wanted a matte liquid version of it, I still had both of these in the tube version, but the L.U.V. had gone bad so I didn’t feel too bad about duping myself. Berlin I got because it looked like a nice coral shade.

DSC_1622 (1)DSC_1624


Below are swatches of all the colours of the liquid lipsticks, one of the reasons that I wanted to do comparisons is because I noticed a difference in tone in the liquids versus the solids. Since they’re different formulas, I wasn’t expecting them to be absolutely the same. But it’s ridiculous how completely different some colours are.




Berlin I wound up returning immediately because, what the damn?! While I like Vampira, it pulled really yellow on me. When I put it on, it looked like iodine on my lips and had none of the depth of the solid form, for comparison, pictures below. I’m not sure if you can see it, but the Everlasting Love, has a brown red/burgundy finish. While the Liquid Love has a slightly yellow, rather than red undertone to it’s brown.



L.U.V. on the other hand was just a different colour altogether from the original. The irony of that being, even though the original was quite obviously cool toned, it looked way better on me than this one did. That warm violet shade that I saw on everyone else that wore it, looked like a chalky pastel mess against my golden undertones. Comparison pictures below.



Doesn’t the first shade look as if it would look horrid on me and the second just right? Nope. And this has been kinda the uproar with the new formulations of the colours, like Tarte, the colours have changed drastically, yet retained their previous names. One of the biggest disappointments has been the new purple brown colour of Lolita, it’s now more brown girl friendly, but a lot of very fair and/or cool toned ladies that had appointed that colour to HG status, can no longer wear it. Personally I like and can wear both colours, but the new version is definitely more vampy than the innocence alluded to by it’s predecessor, so in reality, it’s no longer really Lolita like.

In the end I did return Vampira and Berlin, L.U.V. I kept for too long trying to make it work, and when I just couldn’t I sold it on

The only KVD lipstick that wound up keeping was a Studded Kiss in BauHau5. This shade it everything! It’s a gorgeous neutral raspberry shade that absolutely flatters my complexion, but I think would probably work for most.



The lasting on this shade is ridic! Although, transfer is a bitch, it gets all over everything! I don’t really mind too much though, because as much as it transfers it still manages to leave a lot of colour on the lips. When it’s removed, it leaves a lovely deep pink shade. The shade below is one pass on my arm, in reality it is soooo much deeper than this leads one to believe.



Final Thoughts.

The end. Jokes! No, for really, I’m kinda mad at L.U.V. for being so drastically different and if Sephora could keep these things on either their virtual or physical shelves long enough, I might be able to compare the new solid formula to see if it’s the same as the old one. As for Vampira, I’m not too mad because I already had the solid, and I prefer the finish anyway. But, dear sweet lord, the star of the show (for me) was Bauhau5, I even tried to dupe it with a Nars shade and no go, it’s a really unique shade that I think just about anyone could wear well.

Monday Mumblings; Let’s Talk About Cruelty Free & Animal Testing, Shall We?

I received a somewhat psychotic email last week from someone who clearly takes themselves too seriously, bitching at me about not using solely cruelty free products and didn’t I know yada yada yada… I won’t even bother to put the email in this post because it’s profanity laden and homie don’t play dat.
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Project Swatch Every Damn Coastal Scents Hot Pot Ever Made Continues…

Ok, not really but I did tell you guys that I was totally enamoured with the idea of creating my own palettes, and I love the texture, pigmentation and lasting power of these shadows, so…

This isn’t a review of the colours, just the swatches and colour descriptions (maybe).

One thing that I did which I thought was a bit neat was I created my own Marsala palette. I got rid of my Sephora one, because I realised that the only colours that I was really using were the marsala ones. Now,since I know a lot of people missed out on getting the Sephora Marsala palette, I thought I’d show you some straight up Marsala shades, and some other shades that came close or fell in the same family, so if you wanted to, you could pop over to Coastal Scents and get your own. You can also get the empty palettes there as well. If you want to check out my other Coastal Scents swatches, you can do that here, there are some colours in those swatches that also qualify as Marsala shades.

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NYX Intense Butter Glosses…And Stuff…



This post isn’t only about the NYX Butter Glosses, you may have noticed that there was no post yesterday. That’s because I completely spaced on the other post that I had for yesterday. I forgot to schedule it, so it sat there as a draft. I decided to combine both, but first up are the butter glosses.

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