NYX Go-To Palettes.



I for serious wish that NYX would debut all their new stuff at once, you know, to save this princess from having to order like every flippin’ week.

I saw the Go-To Palettes on the site when I went to check my order status, for the last order that I had placed. They look remarkably like the Avant Pop Palettes so at first I didn’t realise that they were new. Like the Avant Pop Palettes, these are $17, but instead of having 12 shadows, you get six, a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer.

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Cargo ACW Haul.



Every year either just before or during the summer, for about six years now, I do a massive brand haul from All Cosmetics Wholesale. The very first one that I did was an Urban Decay haul. Last year, I did Nars and the year before that, Sue Devitt. But, I think that this year is going to be my last, because their prices aren’t so great anymore, and they know it. After all, they did change their name to All Cosmetics Wholesale and Retail. So yeah, get in while the getting is good.

Anywhoo, this year after re-discovering my Cargo love, I hauled Cargo from them. A few of the items are discontinued ones, but most of them are things that are still being sold in stores, although some of them have new packaging.

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Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Blush.



I said I was done with UD didn’t I? I’m almost certain that in my last UD rant post, I swore off all product by the company formally known as Urban Decay that shall now and forever be referred to as L’Oreal. I did right? But then they had to go and make blush. That wasn’t in a palette with other colours that I’ll never use. And such pretty damn blush too.

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Coastal Scents Everlasting Lipsticks.


I have been praying for I don’t know how long to the makeup gods that Coastal Scents would start making lip colour other than glosses. Imagine my delight when I got the email that not only had they newly launched 15 brand spanking new lipsticks, but that they were being offered at the introductory price of $2.95. I didn’t even really spend much more than a second thinking about it, before I just went on over an snagged all 15 of them. Ok, 14, I didn’t get one because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t even be able to give that frosty beige madness away, much less wear it.

The colours range from really bright to neutral, and sport matte, satin and shimmer finishes. The colour families are grouped so that they gradually get darker and warmer. They unfortunately have no names, just numbers, which I suppose in one sense makes it easier, but it’s also a little bit lazy in my opinion. But back to the colour families, so for instance, if say 5 is a light orange red, 6 and seven will bee slightly darker, warmer versions of it. For the most part anyway.

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Jay Manuel Beauty Filter Finish Skin Perfector Foundation.


After writing this post, the site went live and you can now purchase products directly from Jaymanuelbeauty.com


You guys remember the Jays from America’s Next Top Model? The Ms And Mr?

Well, Mr Jay, that utterly, breathtakingly beautiful specimen, has debuted his own cosmetics line, and it’s available exclusively on HSN.com. Unlike Tyra’s line (also on HSN), which in my opinion is a hot mess from names to shades, and is so substandard, Jay’s products are actually good. I’d ordered a few things, but most of them were on backorder so the first things that I got were the Filter Finish Foundation, and two of the blushes. I didn’t care for the blushes, not because they weren’t good quality, (they are, highly pigmented and wonderfully buildable, smooth finishes) but because the swatches on the HSN site are so bad that they appear significantly darker than they are in real life, plus the cases were so flipping bulky and unwieldy. So I sent them back.

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Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Cream.


I’ve yet to meet a Becca product that I absolutely hate. For me to truly hate something, it has to be spectacularly bad, like off the charts bad. Even then things that I initially hate, I come back to and try again, cause you can’t ever really be sure, ya know? Like you may be having a bad skin day, or year, I dunno. sometimes, the products still suck, but other times you just have to learn to work with it like Kevyn Aucoin SSE.

This came pretty close to a dislike, and more because of the price than anything else. The Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Cream clocks in at a hefty $32 for .16oz. Now Becca products are generally pretty expensive, but in this case I felt the performance didn’t live up to the price tag. For that much, it should perform like a superstar and fit me like second skin. It’s doesn’t precisely do that.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette.



I told ya’ll everybody was coming out with an Artist Palette. This one is brand spanking new. I’ve had it for about two weeks now. I’ve only been able to do the review now, because I couldn’t get good enough shots and because for some reason, the last few weeks have been insanely busy for me. The whole “let’s not only have friends, but hang out with them” thing is exhausting and time consuming.

I’m not going to go into what an artist palette is again, for that you can check out my NYX Avant Pop Palette review.

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NYX Avant Pop Artist Palettes.



NYX is at it again ya’ll. They just don’t give a girl time between the last round of buying before they shove something new in her face. I can’t breathe boo, you’re smothering me!

There is so much new stuff on the NYX site, it’s hard to decide what I just want because of kitsch factor, or because I really really want it. I’m not even gonna try the need word, cause at this point in my makeup life, there is rarely anything that I need.

But when I saw the new Avant Pop Palettes, I just knew that I had to have them. At $17 each, for NYX that’s pretty steep from a company known for full face palettes that include eyes, lips and cheeks for $14. But hey, this seems to be the new trend for the company. L’Oreal seems to be banking on the fact that NYX has a built in customer base that will pay the prices, and they may be correct, but that doesn’t make it right.

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The Ten Minute Routine.

Yay! New laptop!


Ok, so this may take you slightly more than ten minutes, but it shouldn’t take you more than fifteen. I timed myself, I’m generally a slow-poke, and it took me between eleven and thirteen minutes. All of these are designed to get you out the door looking great with minimal effort and using minimal products. There are some things that aren’t going to change like liner or mascara, but the thing that you’ll need most of all is a foundation that you can use without primer, or one that’s especially forgiving to your skin. I like the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation, because it allows me to skip the step of using a finishing powder, and because it still looks great with no primer. And, we’re using our fingers for everything, using different brushes adds time, but you will need a damp and a dry paper towel handy to clean fingers between applications, also, filled in brows are optional. if you have decent looking brows you can forgo it, or a wax stick will not only keep them in place but add some depth to the colour. For this, since we’re not going to be using any finishing powder, you want to use a very good, skin tone concealer that stays put. I personally love the L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealers for that.

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I’ve Been Hacked!

Yes friends, it’s happened to me too.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been having a really weird time of it. The first thing to happen was someone hijacked my Google Voice number and started calling random folks in California. These lovely souls called me back because it showed up on their phones as a missed call. I deleted the Google Voice number. And the hijackers started using my actual number. So for the last two weeks I’ve been unable to use my phone because I was getting at least forty of these callbacks a day.

Finally the nice folks at T-Mobile decided to investigate and give me a brand new phone. But a few days ago, before they could do that, the same folks it seems, hacked my PayPal and reloaded a Starbucks card for a lot of money. So I had to shut down my PayPal, and cancel all the cards associated with it. Meaning, all but one credit card which was only about a day or two old.

Seeing as everything stemmed from or led back to my over ten year old Gmail account, I had to assume that my laptop was also compromised. I chucked it, and ordered a new one yesterday. So I’ve been without a laptop for about four days now, which is why no posts.

I finally got my new phone today, downloaded all the necessary apps including WordPress from which I’m now writing this. So far I haven’t received more than two California calls, fingers crossed it stays that way, seems the decision to get a new phone was the right one. My new laptop will be arriving in a few, and I’ll have new posts up in a jiffy.

Until then…

Cargo Summer In The City Palette



You can blame catching up on season two of Orphan Black for the lack of a post yesterday. I got so caught up in being in love with Helena and all her crazy, that I spazzed on uploading this post, on to the business at hand.

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Kevyn Aucoin for Spring 2015



Kevyn Aucoin Beauty isn’t quite as prolific as some other brands. They don’t release a host of new things for each season, they may release something for spring or fall, but the few items that they do release are stellar.

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