Sleek MakeUp Nautical Collection.



Every once in a while, not very often thank goodness, Sleek debuts products that I either don’t care for, or absolutely loathe.

The Nautical Collection falls square in the middle of those feelings. It’s not abysmally bad, nor is it gush-worthy. First off, it seemed really random. They didn’t announce it, I went on the website to get a new powder, and there it was with very little fanfare. The individual items were available for purchase, but it was also available in a handy dandy little set for about $6 less than purchasing separately.

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Becca Backlight Priming Filter


I got the Becca Backlight primer cause I’m Becca obsessed and well, it was new and I wanted to try it. It’s a radiance primer and generally speaking, I don’t care for most of them because I think they make me look super greasy. But this is Becca right? Where subtlety is the name of the game. Besides which, the only other radiance primer that I’ve ever liked, the one from Japonesque (review here), I managed to break it. Yeah.

This one sort of sent me into a tizzy when I saw the frosted glass bottle, because for real? It’s only a matter of time before I break this sucker too, I just know it.

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Ulta Matte Lip Creams


I have something of a love affair with matte lip products, but I have an absolute obsession with lip creams. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because most of them, when they dry do not budge, and although I love makeup, I’m a lazy makeup kinda gal. Apply it and forget it. So whenever a new matte lip cream hits the airwaves, I’m usually there at the head of the line trying to snag as many as possible. To this day though, NYX soft matte lip creams are my hands down favourites, none of the higher end brands have been able to match it in wear time, wear comfort or colour as far as I’m concerned.

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Sephora Colourful Cheek Ink Gels


I purchased these on a bit of a whim, not really expecting too much out of it. If you shop Sephora brand products, that’s the attitude you need to go in with, cause their products are so hit or miss that expectations can become frustrating.

Anywhoo, I spied these on the website when I was getting a new Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve. They had just launched, like that morning (at like 3am, I love how Sephora quietly debuts things) and I had a gift card with left over money so I figured what the hey? If it doesn’t work, Sephora has a stellar return policy and they’re only $14.

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New Becca Mineral Blushes!


I’ve become a true enthusiast of Becca cosmetics. They’re so flawless and subtle, it’s hard not to love pretty much everything that the brand debuts. The only thing that generally stops me is that it’s also pricey.

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Elf Ambient Palette


This has been a minute in coming hasn’t it? I’ve been a super slacker lately, so tired all the time. But whatevs…

This was the item that had been missing from my package when I did my last Elf haul. They didn’t even have it in when I called to see if it had been restocked, but the very resourceful Tanya managed to scare one up for me in the Elf office and ship it out.

Like all the Elf face palettes it’s not overly large, being able to sit comfortably in the middle of your hand. There are four quadrants, and each quadrant has a different shade of powder.

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Too Faced Love Palette.


I got my Too Faced Love Palette from HSN (where it’s called the Everlasting Love palette) at the same time that I got the Born This Way foundation. I love getting my Too Faced products from HSN because more often than not, they come bundled with other things for the same price. For instance, I got the Love Palette and a full sized Shadow Insurance for the $49, which is the price of the palette alone.

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Too Faced Born This Way Foundation.



Before I start this review, I wanted to tell you guys something. You know how I’ve been liquidating my stash in preparation for moving back to Brooklyn right? Well I’d been using MUABS, but they changed the site lately and it’s now a mess. In every way. So what I’ve done is added a new page to the blog (titled The Blog Sale) with the items that are for sale. You can find it on the mobile site through the drop down menu under the search box. On the desktop site, there should be tabs for each page, if not, here’s a link. The Blog Sale. It’s completely intigrated with PayPal (which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place), so all you have to do is add items to your cart and check out. For now, only my higher end items are up for sale, I didn’t add any of the lower end stuff cause I really don’t know if anyone will want them. But if you want to see some of the low end items, just let me know. I’m pretty sure most of you don’t even know it’s there except for Felicia, wiley creature that already snagged some goodies. So, the blog sale in now on the the blog.

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ABH Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette


Hello lovelies! My life lately has been overtaken with dress shopping, guest lists and cake choices. If someone had told me a year ago that this would be my life, I would have called them a liar and tried to wash their mouths out with soap. Now,  just want someone to take me somewhere and quietly put me out of my misery.

Anywhoo, I still have some new goodies to share with you, but, who knows when they’ll get to ya.

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Maybelline Master Hi-Lights Collection


In keeping with my plan to try more drug store products, enter Maybelline’s Master Hi-Lights series.

I’m gonna keep it real, I don’t like them. This is the kind of result that I normally expect from drug store products and they did not disappoint in the least.

The Master Hi-Lights collection is a set of blushes and that are cross-hatched patterned with blush/bronzer colours and highlighter colours. The Idea being that you can skip a step right? Who doesn’t love that idea?

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Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation.


Damn that’s a mouthful. I dare you to say that five times real fast.

I got this the other day because I was trying to be cheap. No, really I was.

The Sephora Teint Infusion is an obvious dupe for the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation which is FABULOUS!

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L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Collection.


I did say I was gonna try more American drugstore makeup didn’t I? You guys probably thought I forgot. I didn’t, just wasn’t very interested in much of it to this point. And a lot of it, I wasn’t willing to pay the prices being asked. This past weekend though, not only did Ulta have a 5X points deal on anything for platinum members, but it was 40% off a lot of their drug store stuff. Good a time as any I figured.

I love a matte finish, so I was instantly drawn to the new L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation line, probably because the first thing that I saw was the powder and it was beautiful and my undertone! A lot of drug store brands tend to go red the deeper their shades get, so I was pretty stoked when I saw this. Mind you I based my choices from the photos on so it could have been a disaster. I quickly narrowed down my liquid shade down to Soft Sable, the second to last dark shade, and it had a golden undertone. I thought it was a little bit weird that the powder and liquid shades don’t correspond with their names, but…meh.

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New For Summer: Elf Cosmetics


Yeah yeah, I know I have one whole other ELF haul that I never did. I would say I’ll get to it, but you and I both know better.

Anywhoo, I got on of ELF’s frequent stalker emails about this new product launch, and I was intruiged enough to go over and check out the products. When I saw them, I was ccurious enough to pick up a few things, the 30% off coupon code didn’t hurt either.

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Brown Girls Rejoice! Your Bronzer Has Finally Arrived.



I spied this baby today when I went to Sephora to pick up the Teint Infusion foundation. Some wonderful soul named Paige, had given me a birthday gift card, so I was able to get them both. Plus we both wanted to check out the foundation, she has the Pale Girl Problems to my Brown Girl Bemoanings when it come to makeup. I’ll have a review of that foundation coming up soon, but I must say, Sephora has definitely been impressing me all year starting with the Marsala debut.

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