Things Worth A Second Glance: Charlotte Tilbury.



I’m quite aware that I said the Charlotte Tilbury line wasn’t for me, thank you very much.

But sometimes…just…

Have you ever gone back and looked at something and saw it wholly differently? And dare I say more beautiful that you had originally suspected? That’s what happened here.

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NYX Ombre Blushes.



As usual, NYX went and debuted a buttload of stuff for Spring. I didn’t go as nuts as I usually do, mostly because everything looked so amazing that I couldn’t really make my mind up. But also, a lot of things just basically looked like dupes of each other, like all the contouring stuff. I do mean to get a couple of other things, but since I’m a blush hoarder that’s what I started with.

When I saw the Ombre Blushes in Latina magazine a few months back, I was determined that at least six of the eight colours would wind up finding a new home with me. Buuut, I dialled it back a little bit and just went with four that called to me. Truly it was five, but I have a thing about uneven numbers, yes, I’m weird.

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Sephora Colourful Blushes and Mini Haul



You know how sometimes you go to Sephora to return something and end up walking out with a buttload of stuff that costs way more than the things that you were going to return?

Stop lying, I know, know, that I’m not the only one so please…

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Burberry Beauty; Lip & Cheek Blooms



Really, I got these because of the pretty. Like for real, if you look at these on any website and don’t immediately reach for your credit card, or you know, some willing sucker’s (hey honey!), then you have the fortitude of Job my friend. I however, do not, so buy I did.

The Burberry Lip & Cheek Blooms are multi-use products for cheeks and (duh) lips. You guys know how I feel about multi-use products , I think most of them do one job well, and not the other so more often than not I don’t even bother to try them as lip products because this is where they usually fail. In this case I didn’t either.

There are six colours available in the range, and of the six colours I got five. Hydrangea, which I purchased after all the others and didn’t swatch because when I received it, it was a lot cooler than it looked online, is not pictured above for that reason. The other colours I got that are pictured, are Peony, Orange Blossom, Poppy and Purple Tulip.

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Kat Von D Shade and Light Two Tone Blush.



No. Really, just freaking no!

Maaaan…look, this is not going to be good, like at. all.

When I first saw that these had finally dropped, I was so happy. They just appeared on the Sephora site all quiet like. I immediately grabbed Hansel & Gretel because that warm terracotta shade just called to me, and then I saw Morticia and Gomez and not only for the colour but the name friend, it had to be mine. Nothing can really describe the disappointment that I felt upon finally opening my package, but first let me tell you what these are supposed to be.

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Burberry Beauty: Foundations



I think it’s been pretty well documented that I am in fact, a foundation and blush hoarder. You know what though? I’m not even ashamed of it. The foundation came about because even though I moved south and permanently became my northern summer colour, out of habit I kept purchasing the lighter shade that I’d normally have used nine months out of the year, and being very confused by it. It was one of those things where, I’m in the habit of not buying something that I can only use three months out of the year, even though that three months had become the nine. Stupid, I know, but my brain was still in New York time so to speak. Then I rediscovered the peachy-ness in my undertones which set off a whole new hunt. But whatever, I’m rambling as per usual.

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UD XX Vice LTD Reload. Get It or Nah?



This years version of the limited edition Vice palette is all set to drop on the Ulta website today, and lands in stores on the 24th. This year it’s an Ulta exclusive which I think is better because not only do a lot of people not have access to Sephora, but some people feel rather intimidated shopping at Sephora. Ulta is overall a more comfortable place to shop for most people I think.

So I’ve had this for a little bit, and I know a lot of people are wondering if it’s worth the $56 or not. This years limited edition is colours sourced mostly from UD’s vault of colours over the last twenty years. There are a few new shades, but a lot of long lost all stars show up for the party. I haven’t swatched my palette as yet, since I’m still somewhat torn over whether or not I’ll be keeping it or giving it away, if I deccide to keep it I’ll update the post with pictures, so for now I’m only gonna give you pictures.

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Burberry Beauty; A Worthy Obsession.



I’ve been on a luxury makeup kick for a few months now. It started right after the wedding around the time of the Sephora VIB/Rouge sale, just before black Friday I think it was. I’m not really sure what came over me. It may have been the euphoria of getting married, or more likely (sorry love) the thrill of getting independent of wedding gifts, more than $400 in Sephora gift cards.

I’ve always said that I don’t see the point of luxury brands of makeup. I feel like the price points are more than a little bit ridiculous, but, I decided that I wanted to see if in fact there were a difference between regular ole brands like Too Faced and Burberry and it’s ilk.

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Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Colour Collection.



Good morning beauties! And I do mean morning, since I’m writing this the day of at about 9:30am. I’m finally (mostly) able to sit up now, although not for very long stretches. Can I just tell you though? I never realised just how many things you use your back for till this little incident. I’m for real about to get into the gym with the quickness to do some back training exercises because the last week has been frustratingly frustrating.

Anywhoo, I have such a pile of stuff to review for you guys, but I feel like I’ve reached a huge saturation point with my make up. So much so that I need to get rid of most of it and pare it down to the things that I truly love. That’s gonna be hard for me since I can’t stand to part with my crap. But that’s a story for another day, on to the review.

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Ok, Here’s The Deal

Guys,  just a quick quick heads up. I’ve been laid up in bed for the last three days, because I threw my back out. Well okay, not really threw it out but I slipped a disc and so I’m out of commission at the moment. Because of that and because I can’t even sit up straight ( I’m voice typing this from my Android phone), there won’t be any blog post for at least a week. But, hopefully by next week will have the show up and running again until then guys!

Dupe Alert! W7 Prime & Glow vs. YSL Touché Éclat Blur Perfector.



Have you guys heard of the British dupe factory W7? Well, if you haven’t you really need to check them out. Calling them a dupe factory is a bit cheeky though, since it makes them seem as if they don’t innovate and create on their own. They do, however, they’ve also managed to dupe some of the most popular mid-range and luxury brands on the market. Some things are a hit, but other are terrible misses and with no rhyme or reason, it just sort of happens randomly.

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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour



These caught my eye on a random trip to Walgreens for stuffs. The pretty colours and packaging ensured that I was a goner almost the instant I set eyes on them, add the BOGO that they were offering and yeah, never stood a chance. I mean look at them

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To Faced Cyber Monday 2015 Mystery Grab Bag.



Yup, I did it again this year. I mean after last year, I kinda had to didn’t I? I figured it could go one of two ways, I would absolutely love everything that was in it. Or hate it with a passion, not really an in between with this one at all.

I wasn’t all that worried, because generally speaking, Too Faced tends to be inclusive colour-wise. Even though they tend to mostly swing cool toned, darker skinned ladies and the very fair ladies are represented.

Now, while I didn’t love everything that was in the bag, I didn’t hate any of it either. It was more a case of most of those items not being things that I would pick for myself. This year the bag was advertised as having a value of $137, and costs $4 more than last year at $39. I was able to stack it with a 20% off coupon and got the mystery bag and one other product for a total of $47 with free shipping as the mystery bag always ships free.

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Updated Skin Care Routine, Plus How Do We Banish Hyper-Pigmentation Disasters?

A few days ago Linda asked me what it was that made my skin glow the way it did. I promised a post the next day, what  I didn’t realise was that the next day was Thursday, as usual I had my days all confused. Sorry girl. Anywhoo, I’m gonna tell you what I do to keep my skin as healthy as possible. When you have super sensitive skin, it’s not at all easy. You can’t go around trying stuff all willy nilly. It involves quite a bit of (safe) experimentation, label reading, ingredient research and the occasional breakout to get the good stuff. So yeah, I’m gonna make you work for it. I’ll also recommend a few brands that I trust, a caveat being that most of these will not be so called “natural” brands cause often times, these are the ones that make me breakout since they usually use an exorbitant amount of citrus oils or it’s derivative citral as preservatives, something my skin can not at all tolerate.

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