Holiday Sets 2015: Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Palette.



The Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made palette is the new kid on the block from the very popular brand for the holidays. I’ve loved pretty much every single ABH palette that I’ve gotten, but I’ve never gotten very excited by any of the actual packaging. This time is different. The palette itself is a thing of beauty. The design looks like a classic English tweed and wood design, with a metal plate bearing the Anastasia Beverly Hills signature. The outer part is a tweed like material, and it is material not just mimicry. The interior is designed to look like polished mahogany although it’s not wood. Mohammed (husband) was outside with me when I opened the box and he was incredibly impressed with it and kept frikkin touching it.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Tarte Home For The Holidaze Collectors Set & Portable Palette.


Yeah yeah, I know I said that I was done with Tarte sets for holidays. I’d seen this one on the Tarte site and nowhere else and I honestly wasn’t impressed with what I saw. The colours looked meh, and kind of all the same and so I decided to pass on it. But, I’ve recently subscribed to and have been watching Tarababyz on YouTube and I saw her swatch it and I did an “oohhh…maybe!” So I did a definitely and picked it up. Oh and if you haven’t heard of this chick, she’s all kinds of awesome and you definitely need to subscribe to her channel. She’s very straightforward and honest, but best of all she’s succinct, she doesn’t spend fifteen minutes rambling before getting into stuff, and she does her tutorials after her swatches so you see what you came to see first.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Becca Afterglow Palette.



I was on the fence about getting this Becca Holiday palette. I mean, do I even really need another blush or highlighter? Not really, but since I have a love affair with most Becca products…

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Holiday Sets 2015: Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set.



The second item that I got from the Stila holiday sets was this set of six mini liquid lipsticks. For some reason, even though these had always been a must try for me, I continually overlooked them. Somewhere inside of my brain, I thought they weren’t a matte finish. Please don’t ask me where that idea got lodged, because I couldn’t tell you. In any case, even if I hadn’t gotten the other palette I was determined to get this just so that I could finally try it. There is also a smaller set of three that I think is $20 or $25 that I’ve only seen in store in Ulta, but I wanted more choices and figured this $39 set was a better choice for me.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Stila A Whole Lot of Love Giftable Set.


Boy do I have a ton of stuff for you guys!

I figured I’d finish my massive load of holiday sets by starting off with one of the first ones that my husband got me cause he’s kinda awesome and understands my addiction. He’s even added a monthly allotment to his personal budget to get me stuff. What the what?!?!

Let me tell you something about this dude, he likes to shop. A lot. If you let him, he’ll wander around Nordstrom’s for hours while I trail behind him in agony. I’ve contracted so many sudden migraines that we have to leave right now in order to cure, that I’m surprised he hasn’t caught on yet. Or maybe he has and he’s just humouring me. He usually buys me something to offset the trauma of shopping away from my laptop, but still. I hate shopping in public, cause I dislike crowds in a most unhealthy fashion. I just have a personal space thing, something about random strangers touching me makes me wanna fight. Plus I’m a germaphobe, and ick, people. It’s probably why I was so thin living in NYC cause I walked anywhere I possibly could rather than take the train.

Anywhoo, I guess he saw me browsing the Stila site and oohh over this and the lip set. Somehow he and my brother-in-law wound up in the Sephora at Lenox Mall in Atlanta and he just got them for me!

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Cleo Gets Married.

Yup, I’m back ladies. And the first order of business as promised, are the wedding photos. And bear in mind that these are all raw unedited photos. You’re seeing them before the rest of the world!

The wedding was a bit of a nightmare to be honest, don’t let the smiling faces fool you. I started and ended the day in tears, and not the good kind. I got started two hours later than planned because other people obviously have no concept of time, with my time anxiety that already set me on edge. Then some of my family members decided to descend into assholery and make what was supposed to be my day, about them. It rained like crazy, so by the time I walked the ten feet from the vehicle to the venue door, I was sporting the start of a fro. My makeup got done way too late and so the artist that I reserved was with another client by the time I got there, I got the apprentice and it kinda shows in the almost too dark colour and the way it pretty much melted off my face in about an hour. And because people where on their worst behaviour and forcing me to do stuff I shouldn’t have had to, making all the time tables go wonky, the photographer didn’t get to take any of the the getting ready pictures with me and my bridesmaids. So there are no pictures of me without other people in the pictures too. Not a one.

In the end, I kind of snuck off by myself, convinced someone to take me home (ok, I may have threatened my nephew with bodily harm), turned my phone off, sat on the patio, chain smoked and cried like a baby, which is where my husband found me after over an hour of searching.

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Is NYX Pricing Itself Out Of The Budget Cosmetics Market?

A while Back when L’Oreal purchased NYX cosmetics there was a whole lot of grumbling happening throughout the interwebs. Most of it was from the vegan and cruelty-free crowd wondering what NYX’s cruelty free status would be now, considering that their new parent company wasn’t cruelty-free. There were a few voices that were happy and hopeful that money that L’Oreal would sink into the brand meant that NYX would be available in more markets rather than just Ulta or the random Target.

Then there were the people like me who wondered just how sky high the prices would shoot, and how much the quality would drop. Because let’s be real, when L’Oreal acquires mid-range or drugstore brands, the quality usually suffers a precipitous drop, and NYX was already pretty hit or miss to begin with.

For the first few months nothing much happened. Then NYX started debuting new skin care items, things they had never had before. The price points were a little bit higher, but so far, nothing eyebrow raising. Fast forward a year (and a half maybe?) and the eyebrows have shot straight off the foreheads.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Tarte Holidaze Dressed To The Nines Lipsurgence Set.


Tarte’s Dressed To The Nines lipsurgence set is kind of ingenious this year. All of the shades are matte. If not for that little fact, I probably would have passed on the entire thing. This like the blush palette is limited edition meaning nine, brand new, never before seen shades.

The lippies are packaged in on long case and inside of that case, they’re then individually packaged in sets of three colours that run in the same colour family.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Tarte Holidaze At First Blush Set.



Every year Tarte releases some of the most spectacular holiday sets, and they’re generally quite prolific about it. I used to look forward to the Tarte sets because unlike almost all others, not only do they release palette sets that include blushes and lip products along with their eye shadows, they almost always have separate sets of lippies and blushes. And not to mention the tools, I absolutely love Tarte brushes.

Unfortunately, since they were bought out a few years ago, I feel as if not only have the quality of the products gone down some, but the blush shades in particular seem to be lacking in pigmentation and they seem to have swung in the direction of colours that mostly compliment cool toned complexions.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Too Faced Le Petit Tresor


Yes, I missed you guys last week as well. I dunno, but the closer it gets to the wedding date, the worse my mood gets, cause I feel like I’m running out of time to get things done. And truth be told, I’m really really hung up on time.

Luckily, I had some neat little goodies to play around with so that, at least temporarily, my mood looks up again.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Too Faced Le Grand Chateau


This the one of three Too Faced holiday Sets. The largest one, Le Grand Palais is the one that I reviewed earlier this week and is a Sephora exclusive. Le Grand Chateau is the middle sized one for lack of a better description, and is the only one that is available at Sephora, Ulta and on Too Faced own website. La Petite Maison is the smallest of the three and an Ulta exclusive. I’m super happy that this one is widely available to everyone since the Sephora exclusive was so dismally disappointing.

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Vasanti Cosmetics Blushes


As promised I’ve got some Vasanti blushes to review for you guys. I have holiday posts that I have to get out, however, I know that if I don’t do this now it’s gonna wind up in the vault and you guys won’t see it until next year sometime. I got two of the cream blushes to try out and they sent me an additional powder as a freebie for the shipping issues that I’d had because of Amazon.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Urban Decay Vice 4



More holiday stuffs!

I’m just go right on record and say that I like the Vice 4 palette way more than last years 3 and I’d bought both the regular and the limited edition one. I didn’t even bother to do a post for the limited edition one even though I took photos because it was just so epically disappointing. Do I like it more than 2? Nope, that one is still my favourite.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Too Faced Le Grand Palais


The Too Faced Christmas in Paris holiday goodies out already on the website, so right after you’re done with this post, skip on over and snag yourself a few things, because most of the really interesting items aren’t even that expensive this year.

This particular set is a Sephora exclusive, though Too Faced has their own version on the site (Le Grand Chateau), but that version is reminiscent of last year’s La Belle Carrousel what with all the pull apart bits.

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Holiday Sets 2015: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit



Holiday sets are here. Wow, is it really that time of year already? Or following the trend lately, has everything just started earlier than it did last year?

Whatsoever the case, there are a bunch of holiday sets and palettes making the beauty rounds at the moment.

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