Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation



I dodged a really expensive bullet yesterday morning.

See, what had happened was? I’ve been really intrigued by the idea of a liquid to powder finish foundation, that allows me to skip a step, for a really long time now. I mean who wouldn’t be? Especially some anal retentive person like me who has severe time anxiety. I’m at least 30 minutes early for everything, just the thought of being late sends my entire day into a tailspin, or brings an onset of hives. Seriously, I have problems with time. Plus, ever since I started my new job, I’ve been struggling with getting to work on time, I’m not sure why considering that I live less than ten minutes away.

Anywhoo, since trying the ridiculousness that was the Hourglass foundation, I’ve been looking for a good replacement. I’d gotten a sample of Lancôme’s new Nude Miracle foundation, and I actually really liked it. It was a shade or two too dark since they have such a limited shade range, but I was willing to work with it cause it was such a great finish. So yesterday, I tried unsuccessfully for hours to check out on the Lancôme site and couldn’t, so I gave up. Good thing too, cause I saved myself $42.


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Ulta Haul and Christmas (Maybe New Years) Giveaway!



I realised that I haven’t done a giveaway all year I think. Huh. Anyway, I went to Ulta yesterday morning (Sunday) and picked some stuff up and the giveaway just popped into my head as I was shopping. First of all, what  nightmare! The line at the register was wrapped around the aisle, and you were just bumping into people at every turn. So I wound up only picking up some of the stuff that I wanted, I came home and placed an order for the rest, cause ugh!

I got a Benefit Lollitint, because I’ve been wanting to try it like forever. I got three Smashbox items, the On The Rocks shadow palette, both of them. The On The Rocks lip gloss set. Two Too Faced La Creme lipsticks and a Mario Badescu Drying Cream, this is the business if you’re acne prone.

I’m not doing a review on any of the items today, but here’s the thing, I’m really conflicted about this giveaway, cause I don’t have half the things I plan on using for it, and I’m really short on time if I want to get it out to you guys in time for Christmas.

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Too Faced Cyber Monday Mystery Box 2014.



My Mystery box finally came, yay! It was kinda funny though because I got the box on Monday, and when I checked the site is still said “sent to ERB”. Then on Thursday, I got an email that said “Your Mystery box had shipped!” Um, yeah I know, I got it three days ago, but ya know, thanks.

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Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick(s) Train Bleu

This is the first of my black Friday haul, single item, shorter post. The parentheses because I’m gonna add Sex Machine to the mix cause it’s a freaking rock your socks nude! But it’s not strictly the focus of this post.




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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul!!!

I didn’t really haul a lot of different places for either Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. For one thing, I seriously doubt that there is anything that I need at this point. Of course there’s always want, but I’m actively trying to buy less stuff. No really, I am. Also, a lot of the sites were so slow that you wouldn’t get a page to load for over 60 seconds. I found that pretty appalling. I mean you know that a bunch of cosmetic crazed chicks are gonna descend on your site on two of the biggest shopping days of the year, add servers to deal with it. Too Faced’s site took about 90 seconds to load, then it would either not add items to your cart, or if you were able to add the item to your cart, when you tried to get to said cart, it would mysteriously be empty. I finally gave up, but it turned out to be for the best because at about 1 A.M. I got an email about the mystery box for $35 (valued at $165), I snagged it right away, and it was sold out by seven the next morning…so I’m awesome! I still haven’t gotten it in hand yet, but I’m so excited!!!! Also, a lot of places weren’t offering real sales, it was like hey-buy-that-and-get-this-random-percentage-off-but-only-on-these-random-items-with-pink-writing-but-only-one type deals. Or they were offering 25% off, which to me is just a regular sale, nothing to jump for joy over. Of all the high-end brands only Lancôme offered more than 25% off, I think theirs was 30%. Even BH only offered pre selected steals. Bleh.
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BH Cosmetics Limited Edition Dark Rose Palette.



The BH Cosmetics Dark Rose palette is a limited edition palette of twelve shadows and three blushes in cool, neutral, warm and jewel tones. Or it was, at the time of the writing of this post (02.12.14), it seems to have become a part of the permanent line-up.

So that’s the good.

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Bite Beauty Best Bite Remix.



I may have said it before, but many of the big holiday sets aren’t really doing it for me this year, since they all seem either the same, somewhat forced or uninspired. Benefit’s Advent Calendar this year is bloody atrocious! And almost $30 more than it was last year. Tarte’s set looks exactly the same as it has the last three years running. So I’ve just been picking up things that I’ve been wanting or what looked good to me. I was debating between this and the Nars Digital World set, when I finally settled on this one because the colours looked more friendly and wearable, and I’ve never tried Bite so I wanted to finally.

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I Hate My Vice3 Palette…



You have no idea how long it took me to get this palette. Or maybe you do, since it’s November and the palette debuted sometime around August/September. I’ve been going back and forth with myself over whether or not I needed to have it. I’d finally convinced myself that nope, I didn’t want it, when I went into Sephora for god only knows what, and swatched the damn thing. I then became convinced that I needed it. But kept holding off for whatever reason, because the reviews have been bad ya’ll. I’ve done two orders since the decision a scant month ago when I said, yes we need to get this palette in our lives, and I still didn’t pick it up.

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Sephora V.I.B. Haul



Yep! And pretty much all of it is going back because meh.

Which is kind of a disappointment, because I wasn’t really interested in ant of the christmas items this year, so these were the things I was really looking forward to.

This haul was actually larger, but I returned three or maybe four things already.


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The Last of My Flower By Drew Barrymore Stash. Picture Heavy.



This is the last of the Flower Beauty that I own (for now probably). It’s mainly the Chubby Sticks, but I have two lip glosses thrown in for good measure.

The Chubby Sticks each retail for $9.98, and so I now own two Glisten Up Highlighter sticks and two Kiss Me Twice Chubby Sticks for a total of four, but I had originally had five. I returned one of my Kiss Me Twice Sticks cause it was not as advertised.

The Kiss Me Twice sticks are named as such because they’re multiple use items. So you should be able to use them as lip, cheek and eye colours.

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BlackUp Full Coverage Cream Foundation & Loose Powder


I’d been avoiding doing another BlackUp haul, purchase, what have you, because quite frankly it’s a bit of a chore. For one thing, like I mentioned in my last review, their customer service is balls. For another return/exchanges are a hassle since you have to send them the product back for them to refund you, and then repurchase the one that you want. Assuming that you get it right the first time, great. But what happens if you don’t? That mess is time consuming and I don’t have the time or the patience for that crap. Not to mention that there are like two reviews for this stuff on the web, one a video review with seriously bad lighting, and the other is from Danielle over at The Style & Beauty Doctor. Danielle’s swatches are on point, but she is an NC47/50 and is neutral undertoned so sometimes it can be hard to gauge what my shade will be from her swatches.

But, UGH!! Their products are so good though!! That’s why despite all of the above whinging, I decided to go ahead and make another purchase. Another reason that I’d waited so long was because the thing that I really wanted the most was the Loose Powder, but the shade I was certain was my perfect shade has been out of stock for months. I was peripherally interested in the full coverage foundation, only because I had bought it once, got the wrong colour, had to send it back and couldn’t be bothered to repurchase. Finally decided to repurchase and then it was out of stock too. That was a year ago. See how that works? A better return policy encourages repeat customers. Just sayin’.

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Urban Decay Shadow Box. Picture Heavy Post.



Isn’t it pretty?

And to think, I waited this long to get my hands on it.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m probably one of the dumbest smart  people that you or I know. Sure I have a ridiculously high IQ and in some circles I’m known as a genius (haha!). But you know what? High intelligence does not translate to common sense. I prove that to myself daily.

What I’m trying to say is, I could have had this palette way before now, if I’d bothered to pay attention to the fact that this was an Ulta exclusive, because you know, then I wouldn’t have been waiting for my Sephora V.I.B. coupon so I could get it? Le Sigh.
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So I Went And Did An Elf Haul…

DSC_1500 (1)


But it was just a tiny one…maybe…

Lemme explain, lemme explain!!

So I know that I had said previously that I hated Elf products because they were so hit or miss. And unfortunately, most of the time for me, they were complete and utter misses. Brushes with handles that fell off before even a first use. Blushes with absolutely no pigmentation whatsoever. So I’d said that I would never buy another Elf product. That was in 2010 or thereabouts.

So what had happened was…a few weeks ago, I walked into Target in a mood to buy something. Ever get like that? No? Just me then. Anywhoo, I walked past the Elf display and saw the matte lip pencils. On a total whim, I picked one up and whaddya know? I loved it!!

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Be A Bombshell Haul And Review…Finally!

I’ve been meaning to do a complete Be A Bombshell review since last year.

Last. Year.

So some of these pictures were taken either February of this year or late last year.

Last year the pile was still this small…




Last week when they had their 50% off Halloween sale . I did a haul, and my pile made it’s way towards exceeding this size, I decided it was time.

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Sleek MakeUP Precious Metals Highlighter Palette.



Because I obviously feel the need to own every. single. thing. that Sleek makes, I flew over to the site to snag these when I got the email of the launch of the Precious Metals Palette and the Control Shine & Prime primer. Actually, the email for the Precious Metals palette arrived about three weeks prior to the palettes availability, so I spent the next three weeks checking the site obsessively. When it finally launched, I snagged both of them (plus two more Blush By 3 Palettes and a backup Luminaire), then sat back and anxiously waited the ten days for it to get here. I almost died waiting ya’ll!! No seriously, I for real almost died. Ok, not really, but I’m real impatient so it felt like I was dying.

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